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I was happy with my boyfriend, But he didn’t support homosexuals and I myself is bisexual. He also did not like a lot of the things I like. I became unhappy. I broke up with him. But I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted. Any advice would be amazing. Thanks. – Miss I don’t know what to do anymore.

Dear, Miss I don’t know what to do anymore

I’m sorry you had to go through this situation, but think on the bright side. If he wasn’t willing to accept your views you probably got out of a bad relationship. In a relationship, it’s good to have things in common, so not having lots of things in common was probably a sign things weren’t going to go well. Now, breaking up with him might not have been what you wanted, but it was probably what you needed. It sounds like this difference you found between you two was very important. If he didn’t support a part of you, then how could he support a relationship with you? I also want you to think about how if he went into the relationship knowing that you were bisexual that, this could have been his way of getting over his homophobia. If he didn’t know maybe you being who you are would have changed his mind.

Hope this helps!

Love, Athena


When a guy wants to go to the dance with you, but you aren’t sure he actually likes you. And he doesn’t really talk to you in text messages a lot. But he always wants your attention at school, and all the time. Does he like me or no?

-Idc about life anymore

Dear, Idc about life anymore

Since this guy asked you to the dance, this is probably a sign you’re someone he likes to spend time with. Now, this might not mean he likes you, but it is still possible. Him not talking in text messages could just be that he’s not attached to his phone. But if he wants to talk to you more at school proves my point that he enjoys your company.  But him always wanting your attention could be either that he wants you to get to know each other better, or he an attention seeker.

The next time you’re around him try to see if he’s constantly trying to draw attention to himself or trying to figure out more about you. If he draws attention to himself, he just needed someone to give it to him. If he’s getting to know you, he might like you or at least is trying to figure out if he does.

Best of luck!

Love, Athena

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