5 Mini-Mario Theories

Welcome back to the theoretical corner of the newspaper, THE CONSPIRACY CORNER. Today I will tell you ten mini-theories about your favorite guy with a red hat… MARIO!

All the games are Princess Peach’s propaganda

What if all Princess Peach is trying to do is cause propaganda by making it seem as if Bowser is the villain, but in reality, Peach is the evil dictator. Peach also never increases the security in the mushroom kingdom. The games have never been from Bowser’s point of view but instead Mario’s. What if Peach is tricking Mario into her getting “kidnapped.”

Super Mario Bros is another version of Legend of Zelda

As crazy as it may sound, all the evidence does point to this theory being correct. Think of Mario as Link, Princess Peach as Zelda, and Bowser as Gannon. Think of the Mushroom Kingdom as Hyrule. Another piece of evidence is that in Majora’s Mask, players can unlock a Mario mask. Coincidence, I think not! In every Super Mario Bros. game, there are eight worlds. In the Legend of Zelda, there are eight temples each with a specific theme similar to Mario.

Yoshi is a Pokemon

If this is true, it would be so awesome. Anyway, Yoshi’s egg looks a whole lot like a Pokemon egg. Yoshi obeys the person it hatches with (Mario, Luigi, etc.). Also, Yoshi lets Mario ride it and control Yoshi’s abilities similar to how Pokemon let their trainers battle with them.

Shy Guys are a result of experimental mutation

What are behind Shy Guy’s mask? Nobody knows except the guy with the green cap, Luigi. If you beat, Mario Power Tennis against Shy Guy, the cutscene shows Shy Guy trip on Luigi. His mask falls off and guess who just so happens sees his face, Luigi. Luigi is in so much shock he falls to the ground, stunned which suggests their appearance is different. Another time in Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi is fighting Ghost Shy Guys, and when their mask is sucked into the vacuum, Luigi sees a black face and glowing eyes. Maybe he is looking into the past seeing the tennis match,

Mario is a Russian Communist

What if our beloved hero is a communist? The evidence points that way starting with, what is the opposite of blue. Orange according to the color wheel. Who doesn’t have an orange cap, Mario? That is what Nintendo says about why they chose red for Mario because it is the opposite of blue. In Mario’s fire suit what colors are it? Why, red and white. The communist flag is red and white. The mushrooms he eats are native to Russia. Mario’s hat and mustache are also similar to Joseph Stalin (The leader of the communist Russia that killed 20 million people). At the end of each level in Super Mario Bros., the flag appears it has a peace sign on it and when he enter the castle it has the communist star. It symbolizes down with peace, up with communism. Mario may appear to be taking down Bowser but what if Bowser is actually the capitalist government.

So how do you feel about Mario? Have we all been lied to by Nintendo? In another issue, I will continue this list of convincing Mario theories. Well, that’s about it. That’s just a theory; a crazy,  jam- packed Mario theory. Or I guess theories. Thanks for reading! Comment thoughts below or any other Mario theories you may have.


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