A Creepy Evening! AnthroCity #1

A Creepy Evening!
AnthroCity #1

“Man, I can’t wait for Halloween!” said Inya as he was beaming with excitement.

“Yeah yeah, but Halloween is boring!” said Rika, as they were walking to their school.

“No, it’s AWESOME!” said Inya.

“But we can always wear a costume, just the other day you were cosplaying as Captain Levi from Shingeki no Kyogin!” said Rika.

“I know, I mean c’mon, Levi is the best.” said Inya with hope in his eyes.

“HEY GUY’S!” Majira said as he ran up to the two. “There’s a big party at Shade’s house, wanna come?”

“YES! YES YES YES!” Inya kept screaming yes while Rika talked. “Ugh fine, I’ve got nothing better to do.”  

They went over to Shade’s house. The front lawn was covered with tombstones and the porch had cobwebs covering everything. The house was old and gothic looking. It resembled those old creepy haunted houses you see in Scooby Doo. It was certainly eerie, and you could tell by the scared look on Rika’s face that she was scared out of her mind. Majira was also scared, but Inya was grinning ear to ear. “UGH!” Rika shivered.    

“This place makes the fur on my tail stand on end, let’s go!” Inya said while grabbing Rika’s arm.

“EEEEEEEEEEEE!! WAIT! This isn’t Shade’s house…” Majira explained. Shade threw open the door. The Lion stood on the porch, smiling down,  welcoming the Majira the red fox, Rika the Arctic fox, and Inya the red wolf/arctic fox mix. Shade was black with purple and green streaks in his mane. His golden shimmering eyes were filled with mystery.

“Welcome, TO THE BEST NIGHT EVER!” he said with enthusiasm.  The four walked inside. Inya was excited but felt as though he was being watched. When the four stepped inside the door slammed behind them.

“Nice trick Shade! Not funny!” said Rika dressed as an arctic fox. She was staring with hate at Shade. Inya asked Majira a question.

“ Umm, I know me and Rika and Shade have powers, but I don’t think any of us have telekinetic powers unless you do?” The red fox replied with a

“No, sadly, I don’t.” The wolf mix was scared out of his mind, and he loved it.

“AAAAAGH! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Rika screamed. She pulled on the door, then shot her special blue flame at it. It wouldn’t open! Inya saw another room.

“IT’S A LIBRARY! YES!” Inya raced into the library. It was two stories tall and looked like a medieval tower with a dome at the top. It was filled to the brim with books, and on the second floor had a balcony going around the whole room. Leading to said balcony was a spiral staircase. The other three walked in, amazed.

“It looks JUST like the library at the Biltmore!” Inya said. Then, suddenly the books flew off the shelves at the foursome. They heard a voice, and it spoke in a deep, raspy voice.

“LEAVE This place at once!” The group was chilled to the bone.

“RUN! NOW!” Shade screamed.  The bookcases formed into a large gaping wooden mouth. The library started to form a mouth. The wood that was sharp was used as teeth, the books formed the lips, and old red books and wood made the tongue. Shade tripped over a book titled How Not to Trip.

“Shade!” Inya said. “Grab my hand!” Shade tried but was too slow. He fell into the mouth and disappeared into the void. “NOOOOOOOO!” Inya screamed. He started crying as they fled into the foyer.

“Inya, it’s ok,” Rika said.

“No, it’s not!” He’s dead, all because I wanted to have fun. He’s dead because I wasn’t strong enough.” He punched the floor as he wept over his lost friend. The door opened. A new voice spoke. It sounded raspy and wet.

“LEAVE NOW, OR DIE.,” it said with calm in its voice.   


THEN YOU WILL PERISH!” The floor opened up under them, showing a red glow between a mouth full of sharp wood teeth.  They jumped back.

“Go upstairs!” Inya yelled. They raced up the stairs.

“Where’s  Majira?” Rika said.

“HELP!” screamed Majira as he fell to the wooden floor.

“NOOO!” Inya yelled.

“Inya, we need to find out what is troubling this spirit and get rid of it,” Rika said.

“There once was an old story that a beautiful Tigress was in love with a rich Wolf, He was so in love with her, but the Tigress had a jealous ex-lover. That ex-lover viciously murdered the wolf. When the Tigress saw her lover’s body, she cried for years. Eventually, she died of a broken heart. Now anyone who is seen as a threat is attacked. It’s said she died in the ballroom.”

“Then let’s go to the ballroom,” Inya said. They ran to the ballroom and saw a tigress floating. She spoke in a light, yet dark, voice.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone!”

“Give us our friends back!” Inya said. “I just want to get my love back!”  

“HE’S GONE! Move ON!”

“I Can’t forget; I need to rest! Then I’ll help you.” Inya said. He moved in. “I have healing powers.”  He kissed the heart of the ghost.  The ghost floated, the cracks covering her iridescent body being covered by light. She fell gently. Her eyes glowed a bright green, her black see through dress turning into a golden trimmed white dress. She spoke. Her voice now as soft as silk.

“Thank you Inya!”

“No prob’, bob.” He said. They stared at each other for a moment.

“It’s Lapis…”

“… Yeah” they both conversed.

“OK, bye!” She disappeared in a flash of light. All of Inya’s friends were together again. As they left the house, they wondered if this is truly the end or just the beginning of an epic adventure.

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