Adventures of a Permanent Werewolf Chapter 2: The Start of a New Life

“OMG SWEETIE!” said his Mom as the dog barked at the two-legged wolf in the foyer. John was about 5’9″ in this form.

“Wait, but it’s not a full moon!” said his dad.

“It made it permanent,” said John.

“YOU DID THIS GWEN!” said his mother.

“I accidentally grabbed the wrong potion, and he drank it,” said Gwen.

“Ok, we go to school tomorrow.” said his mother.

John walked the halls of his school, his peers looking at him with confusion. He walked up to his friend Raven.

“OMG! Is that you John?” said Raven.

“Yeah, it’s me.” said John.

“Is it a mask?” asked Raven as she pulled at his cheeks and opened his mouth and looked inside. “OMG, IT’S REAL!”  

“Yeah, Raven listen, I am stuck like this forever,” said John.

“WHAT!?” screamed Raven. Everyone was watching them.

“Hey, wolf-boy! I wish I had my gun so I could hunt you down! Haha!” said Dustin, the school bully.

“Dustin, listen, I don’t want to hurt you, as you can see, I’m literally a wolf! If we fight now you are going to die,” said John as calmly as he could.

“Listen, wolf boy, I don’t care, and someday, I will kill you, because it’s wolf season, and I love hunting.” said Dustin.

Even though I am stuck like this, I am still human!” John said as he walked away.

“Listen John, now that you are a wolf, people are going to be mean,” said Raven.

“I know, I just have to be more careful when I get angry.” They walked into Chem class.

“Hello John,” said Mr. Burns.

“Hi.” The whole class was staring at John.

“Umm…” said Raven.

“Guys, listen, I know it’s weird, but I can’t help that I’m stuck this way now,” said John.

John went and took a seat. After the first few seconds, some kids started pulling his tail. “OW! Hey! Stop it, that hurts!” said John as calmly as he could. Then they started touching his ears.

“Umm…” said John.

They finally stopped after Raven yelled at them. “IT’S NOT A COSTUME OK!”  

The bell rang, and John’s ears went back to the loud blaring sound.

“AGH OW!” said John. The bell stopped. John picked up his backpack and went out to art.

“Hey guys!” said John. The art kids never really stared at him through the whole class. Most just asked if they could draw him. One drew him in Tim Burton style. Another drew him as a cartoon. Another made a picture of him standing next to a blue police box. John drew a picture of his favorite anime.

“I guess my art skills improved when I changed,” said John as he looked at his old art. It was just stick figures and failed attempts at drawing anime. His new art of Attack on Titan was beautiful. He drew Armin flying through the trees using his 3dmg gear. It looked amazing.

“WOAH! That’s good John!” said Raven as she looked at the marvelous painting. The bell rang as the kids walked to their cars. John biked home, but now he could just run through the woods to take a shortcut. John walked his bike towards the woods. It was dark in the woods, the old oak trees swaying in the autumn wind. John walked quickly and looked around. He saw two red dots in the woods. He jumped back and whimpered. The dots became larger, then, it turned out to be a 15 year old like him.

“Hello.” said the boy.

John stopped whimpering and saw that the boy was transforming into a wolf! “You are in our territory!” said the wolf.

“I’m sorry, but, umm, it’s not a full moon,” said John.

“Oh, we can change when angry too, but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to enjoy this!” said the wolf as it jumped up at John.

“Werewolf!” said a voice.

“It’s Hunters, RUN!” said the wolf.

Dustin pointed the gun at John and the wolf. The wolf jumped at Dustin and bit him. Dustin screamed, and police officers ran towards Dustin.

“You’re under arrest for attempted murder; we saw you point the gun at John.

“I’ll KILL YOU SOMEDAY JOHN! I SWEAR!” said Dustin as he was taken away. The wolf ran, but then they tranquilized him.

“Take care of my pack!” howled the wolf.

“I will,” said John.

“Will what?” said one of the officers.

Umm, get my homework done, that’s all.” said John.

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