ALIENS @ NEAAAT???!!! (And How To Spot Them)

Hello, readers, it’s your favorite inquisitive journalist back with another report on the strange happenings at NEAAAT. I’ve warned you about vampires and ghosts, but now there is something far more, out of this world lurking around the halls at our school. One of our very own staff members could possibly be an alien. Now, I’m not a snitch, so I won’t tell you who this teacher is, but I will give you some warning signs to look out for.

Sign #1: This faculty member is obviously from another planet so they are not in touch with common rules of the English language or common human traditions. They may stumble over their words frequently and do things that break traditional social conventions. They may not even have knowledge of everyday objects. 

Sign #2: Aliens aren’t usually portrayed as looking exactly like their human counterparts. That means that the alien in question must have to disguise their natural appearance. This staff member may have some features that aren’t very common for most humans. They may also have questionable fashion sense and wear things that most people would not even think of wearing.

Sign #3: Aliens do not typically have a great sense of humor. This teacher may find that your jokes are incredibly unfunny or not even understand them. The faculty member in question won’t even pretend to laugh.

Those are a few things to look out for when on the hunt for your alien teacher. Watch out for these things and you’ll be sure to figure out who this outsider really is. Just remember, you heard this information from me first. Thanks for reading!

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