Anna and Elsa aren’t sisters. WHAT?!

Hi! Welcome back to the CONSPIRACY CORNER. Today I am going to tell all of you guys a Frozen theory, for the “first time in forever”. Let’s go ahead and get started so we can “let go” of all the suspense. I will change everything you thought you knew about the movie, “Frozen.

So anyway, what if I were to tell you that Elsa and Anna aren’t the sisters. It’s Elsa and Rapunzel, from Tangled. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve already seen this theory,” but hold your reindeer. Once you’re done reading this, your mind will be shattered ice.

First, surprisingly the time and space line up perfectly in the real world and the Disney world. Where do both these movies, Frozen and Tangled, take place? Frozen takes place in the real world in a combination of Arendal and Bergen, Norway. It is so well established that after the release of Frozen, the zone of Epcot was completely full of fans of the movie. Tangled takes place in the real world in modern Germany in an imaginary kingdom called, Corona which is right around the corner, more like part of the Northern Ocean. This is where it was based off from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. This means both countries are near each other. This proves the fact of where the Frozen king & queen were going. They were obviously going to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding. Sadly, the ship sinks. 3 years later after Tangled release, Frozen is released. 3 years after the ship sinks, Elsa and Rapunzel are 21, based off simple math (18+3). These are the two closest Disney princess movie releases. Doesn’t that seem like a coincidence? I think not! I think they the creators meant for this to happen. This proves the time and space of both movies in their universe and ours. Also, based on the average lifespan of a male chameleon pascal wouldn’t be alive when Frozen takes place. Sorry little dude!

Now, let’s do some science called GENETICS! Coach West, if you are reading this, this evidence is in honor of you! First, let’s do some eyes.The king of Arendelle has green eyes and the queen of Arendelle has blue eyes. Since these genes all homozygous recessive you have a 50% chance for blue and 50% for green. The same goes the king and queen of Corona. Elsa has green eyes and so does Rapunzel. All the parents have brown hair making it very rare for these children to receive blonde hair. We know Rapunzel got her vibrant yellow hair from the magic flower. How could Elsa get her toe head blonde hair? Obviously, Rapunzel’s mother had fraternal twins, Rapunzel and Elsa. Another important thing to take note on is their dominant hand. 20% of twins are lefties, making it much more likely. Elsa is a lefty because she mainly uses her ice magic with her left hand. For example, making Olaf left-handed, trying to save Anna in the beginning, and revealing her braid with her left hand. In the song, Let it Go, Elsa breaks physics by making her hair go through her arm! Rapunzel is definitely more ambidextrous but, in scenarios where she has to react on a split-second, her dominant hand is revealed. Her dominant hand is left, evidently interacting with Pascal, her frying pan, and her parents’ lantern all with her left hand. No, no, no, I’m not choosing favorites because Eugene and Anna are right handed. Where does all this left-handedness come from? According to the little screen time we see with the queens and kings of all Disney princesses, we can see the queen of Corona is probably left handed because when she reaches out to her daughter she hasn’t seen in 18 years, on instinct, she uses her left hand! I don’t know about the king because you know about the little screen time queens and kings get.

Another aspect of this is something you have all been waiting for which is, magic! Rapunzel and Elsa both have magic, Rapunzel with her magic hair that heals and Elsa with her ice powers that freeze everything. These powers may sound very different but they are very similar because they both bring life. In Tangled, Rapunzel revives Eugene from the stab wound. In Frozen, Elsa revives Anna from the frozen heart. Elsa also brings things to life such as Olaf and Marshmallow. Elsa and Rapunzel are the only Disney princesses with magic, so that brings the question where does all this magic come from? We know Rapunzel received her powers from her mother drinking the magic flower but, what about our icy queen? When Elsa strikes Anna as children they bring Anna to the trolls. They ask, “Born or cursed?” to the parents about Elsa, but they hesitate and say “born.” They obviously don’t know if Elsa was born or cursed with magic because she is the daughter of the queen and king of Corona and the twin sister of Rapunzel.

Let me tell you the real story of what happened. The queen of Corona was pregnant but was sick. She drank the essence of a magic flower. Elsa and Rapunzel were born. Mother Gothel saw the first child which was Rapunzel. She cut a lock of her hair because she knew the effects of the flower. When she cut the hair, it turned brown and faded so instead she took the child. The queen and king woke up and realized their daughter was gone so they sent the other Elsa to Arendelle. The queen and king of Corona thought Elsa was powerless when they sent her and so did the queen and king of Arendelle. When Elsa struck Anna in her head, they discovered she had magic. The queen and king of Arendelle shut the gates so no one would discover her magic. When they left on the boat they were going to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding but their ship sunk on the way there. If you look really close for Rapunzel in the song, for the first time in forever, she is there.

But that’s just a theory, a supernatural theory! Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for any theories, comment down below. Also, comment down below your thoughts on this theory.




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