Anthrocity:​ ​Filler​ ​Stories

“Inya, why are people at our apartment?” asked Slade, a black wolf who always was angry and very the edgy.

“Because I HAVE A MYTHOLOGY CLUB!” said Inya, a white arctic fox with colorful features and fur colors.

“That sounds dumb…” said Slade, his face looking unamused. “Well, I’m only doing it to use the stories in the school newspaper…” Inya winks at no one, almost like he’s breaking the 4th wall.

“Who are you winking to?” asked Slade, his face contorting into a confused look. “Um, I don’t know.” Inya opened the door and Yoga, a purple and teal Dutch angel dragon, Knight, a Halloween-themed black wolf, Tix, an excitable pink Dutch angel dragon, Rika, a strawberry-loving arctic fox, and Majira, a watermelon marked red fox who also loves strawberries.

“So, who has a story?” asked Inya, clapping his hands.

“OOH OOH! I DO!” said Majira, his hand rising with excitement. “Long ago, there was nothing but water, so the great kitsune in the sky said let there be light! And light appeared. He then parted the water into the sky and the sea. He then created day and night and the sun to rule the day and the moon and stars to rule the ni-” Majira was interrupted by everyone saying,

“WE ALREADY KNOW THAT STORY!” Majira sighed and said \

“OK, you go Knight.”  Knight squealed with excitement. “Ok, bet you haven’t heard this before! Long ago, there was an ancient kingdom called The Roman Empire. The Roman Empire conquered many lands, but the Gods of Rome were far more interesting. Many thought of them as beautiful, merciful Gods, but they were really Gods of war! They destroyed cities and towns, until one day, a God stood up to them and sabotaged the Empire into destruction, so without anyone to believe in them, the Roman gods faded away and were trapped inside a diamond.” said Knight. Everyone ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed.’“Woah, ok, I go next!” said Inya. “Long ago, there was a beautiful fox named Arachne, she had beautiful long flowing blonde hair, and she was very good at sewing. One day, she claimed she was more beautiful and better at sewing than Aphrodite, the Kitsune of beauty. Then, Lightning flashed, and Aphrodite appeared. “Uh-uh, Aphrodite! How I have been waiting for you!” said Arachne. “Oh shut UUUUUP!” said Aphrodite. “I heard what you said,” said  Aphrodite. “Uh… you did?” said Arachne. “WELL DUH! I’M A GOD, OF COURSE, I HEARD YOU!” said Aphrodite as she snapped her fingers and made a spinning wheel appear. “Let’s begin the competition,” said Arachne. Arachne spun a tapestry depicting the gods as lazy and careless while Aphrodite spun a tapestry how animal kind was vain and lazy. In the end, Arachne cheated by destroying the spinning wheel on break. Aphrodite screamed. “YOU VAIN CHEATER! I SHALL MAKE YOU THE UGLIEST CREATURE TO EVER EXIST!” Aphrodite pointed her finger at Arachne and Arachne became a small bug with eight legs and an abdomen. This was called a Spider, and that’s how spiders were created.” said Inya. “OK Rika, you next!” Rika sighed and said, “Long ago, there was a species called Hoo-mans…”


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