Anthrocity: Fight for the Diamond

Inya ran towards Beltok and punched.

“You missed!” said Beltok. Then Team Rocket grunts ran out to fight the others.

“I will have that DIAMOND!” said Beltok, his claws extending and scratching Inya’s face.

“Agh!” screamed Inya.

“INYA!” screamed Majira.

“I’m fine! Keep on fighting!” Inya grabbed Beltok’s cane and smashed it against Beltok’s head.

“RAGH! YOU IDIOTIC FOX!” screamed Beltok.

“That’s ARCTIC FOX!” screamed Inya as he upper punched Beltok. Rika was fighting with a Lion wearing a Team Rocket Elite Soldier uniform. Black R with red leather jackets. She threw blue fireballs at the lion.

“Take that!” Then she kicked his chin.

Meanwhile, Majira was fighting a wolf who was also wearing a Team Rocket Elite Soldier uniform.

“Take this!” said Majira. Then the gang ran up the hill to meet a golem. The golem grabbed the Elite Soldier wolf and threw him across the golden room.

“RUN!” yelled Inya and Beltok. They ran towards the exit, but the golem grabbed Knight.

“KNIGHT! NO!” screamed Inya.

“I don’t want to go…” whispered Knight sadly as a single tear ran down his cheek.

“NOOOOOO!” screamed Inya. The golem threw Knight and Knight rolled down the wall. Beltok grabbed an ion gun and shot the golem, killing it.


Then a glow surrounded Knight. His hair grew longer, his fangs sharper, his iris filled his whole eye and his ears became pointed.

“…AGH! Regeneration!” screamed Knight.

“Knight… You’re…a… Wickerbeast!?” said Inya.

“Yeah, but I was given regeneration powers.” Rika turned to see Beltok walking towards the diamond. She threw a fireball at him, and he landed unconscious on his face.

“Let’s take this guy to jail,” said Rika. After getting home with the diamond, they threw Beltok and his party in jail and put the diamond in the Zootropolis National Museum.

“Well, that’s that,” said Inya as they headed towards his apartment. They opened the door to see Slade playing a video game.

“What did you guys do yesterday and Saturday?” said Slade.

“Found a diamond, fought Beltok, regenerated, y’know, the usual stuff,” said Rika as she sat down on the couch. Inya went upstairs, Knight went home, and Majira joined Slade on the video game. Thus ends our heroes journey.

The End.

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