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What should I do if I can not get over a crush?  What should I do if I like someone far away? – Yourworstnightmare

Dear, Yourworstnightmare

In response to your first question, getting over a crush can be hard. The best way to get over a crush is to think of all of the things that could go wrong in the theoretical relationships. Did you and this person have anything in common? How would your difference in ideas cause conflict? If your need to get over the crush is because they are dating someone else, think of how happy they are in the relationship. If you really care about this person you’d want them to be happy even if it isn’t with you. Also, think about if this person is a good person for you to be with.

As for your second question. I’m not sure if these situations are related. But if they are, again I would want you to think about what is best for you. Long distance relationships are hard, and if this person doesn’t like you back it would be more stress on yourself to try and make it work.

P.S. I hope this helps.

Love, Athena

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