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I am the head writer for the Literary Arts category of our newspaper. Creative writing is my passion.

H-V-CW-E6: Excerpts from The Journey Journal of the Bazildine Warrior

Tyronaian 12, 2134

Dear Journal,

The twelfth day of the fourth month of this year. Today is finally the day. This is the day that the Bazildine Warriors leave to defend their homeland of Bazi. As a reporter, this journal is the only thing I carry upon my back. My name is Rairyn and I chose to accompany this team of elite fighters on a “road trip” to save the territory we all call home. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know who we are after. (more…)

NEAAAT’s Mistletoe Dance 2016

One of the most memorable moments for a student is their school dance. So NEAAAT is holding their very own semi-formal dance! The Mistletoe Dance will be held on December 16th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The dance will take place at Williams Hall on the ECSU campus. Tickets are on sale now and will be until December 13th. Single tickets cost $20, but you can get a price $15 if you donate a gently used coat. Couples tickets will cost $30, with a reduced price of $25 if a coat is donated. Photos can also be purchased. Leah Simpson Photography will be taking the photos. Attire is meant to be appropriate and holiday themed semi-formal. All outfits are expected to follow the school dress code as this is a school event. Refreshments will be served. A link to a flyer with more information can be found at I hope to see you there!


ALIENS @ NEAAAT???!!! (And How To Spot Them)

Hello, readers, it’s your favorite inquisitive journalist back with another report on the strange happenings at NEAAAT. I’ve warned you about vampires and ghosts, but now there is something far more, out of this world lurking around the halls at our school. One of our very own staff members could possibly be an alien. Now, I’m not a snitch, so I won’t tell you who this teacher is, but I will give you some warning signs to look out for.


NaNoWriMo Teaser: The (Not So) Golden Days

Audrey Wallen was the daughter any parent would kill for. She was beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated. All of her teachers loved her. She was the president of the student government, head cheerleader, and her grades were perfect. She was popular and had a boyfriend that most girls would only dream of having. No matter how perfect her life seemed, she still was not satisfied.


Ghosts @ K.E. White

NEAAAT just can’t seem to escape the spooky this month. A chill runs through the K. E. White building, no matter how hot it is outside. In the morning hours before school begins, a strange whistling sound can be heard in certain areas of the building. Witnesses have seen weird, transparent figures lurking in corners and deserted rooms. No one likes to be left alone in this building filled with spirits. Doors open and close on their own (maybe with some spiritual assistance). Everyone is really freaked out by the surrounding circumstances. (more…)

Vampire Infestation @ NEAAAT

Strange things have been occurring at our school lately. Rooms in the far reaches of the building have been sealed off, with only certain teachers being allowed in the area. Students have been leaving class, only to be seen later in the day in the office with no memory of the absence. Not only this but many students report finding puncture marks on different places of their body, with no explanation of where they’ve come from. Bats have even been seen in the darkest corners of Moore Hall. (more…)