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Teach Team Repair Services

Tech Team Repair Services

Phone screens crack and shatter so easily, and NEAAAT’s own Terriyon Brown and Ethan Nixon are here to help. These two students are starting a business for repairing phone screens called Tech Team Repair Services. Repairing phones isn’t all that they do either. TTRS also does web design and computer repair.Terriyon Brown started repairing phone screens last year as a mini business. “I needed the money, and I had the skill. People just started coming to me and assumed I knew how to fix their screens.” This side job continued to grow, as did Brown’s credibility because he received more and more business from students at school. Coach Harris recommended that Brown develope his tech repair services into a business. “Ethan came in on the business because I don’t have very good social skills and he is better than me with web design.” Tech Team Repair Services was born.


Farrago Chapter #1

Even though the foul smell of the station is enough to make any person’s face scrunch up, the subway is the easiest way to get around New York City. The people in the station all have their heads down as they push through the crowd to get to their destination. Neither Andrew or I, stand out in the crowd of people who stare at the ground. Our movements are just as hurried and purposeful as the rest of the busy people. (more…)

NaNoWriMo Teaser: Farrago

Danny Stewart had no idea that trying the new fad energy beverage would have such negative consequences. First, herself and everyone around her are completely dependent on the drink and obsessed with everything about it. Second, it has ruined the economic status of the once booming New York City. Third, it is has inspired a fierce hatred of the drug that she must succumb to if she wants to help her family and fight the Farrago Corporation from the inside. (more…)

NEAAAT Spirit Week 2016!


This year’s NEAAAT Spirit Week will be as following:
Monday, October 31st – Movie Monday (Come to school dressed as one of your favorite characters!)
Tuesday, November 1st – Twister Tuesday (Twist your gender on this day!)
Wednesday, November 2nd – Wake Up Wednesday (Wear yourPJs to school!)
Thursday, November 3rd – Time Travel Thursday (Dress up in a getup from the past!)
Friday, November 4th – Festive Friday (Wear your favorite holiday festive wear!)
We can’t wait to see everyone dressing up next week!
Thank you,

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The NEAAAT Times is a student-run, electronic newspaper at Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies (NEAAAT). Every 2 weeks, over 30 students work together to write, edit, and create content for the NEAAAT community to enjoy. We are looking to purchase a year’s subscription to Grammarly Premium, an editing software, to ensure that the content The NEAAAT Times publishes is free of grammar errors. We are hoping to raise $150 in donations to purchase the editing software. If you would like to help The NEAAAT Times out in our efforts to make our content and our website more professional, any donation would be highly appreciated.

To make a donation, please write a check to NEAAAT with “newspaper” mentioned on the memo line. Thank you and please enjoy your time browsing our website. 

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