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Pokemon Adventures 2: A Haunting in the Old Chateau


As Inya and Charmander walked in Eterna Forest, they came across an old house as it started to rain. 

“Quick! In here!” Charmander and Inya ran towards the chateau. They walked onto an old rotting porch covered in vines. The porch light was an old gas lantern that hung on a hook. It burned slowly as they walked up towards the old oak doors. The windows were stained glass, all of them red and gray. The roof was covered in vines as well, and above the porch was an old porch that overlooked the forest below. Charmander walked up towards the doors and knocked. The door opened.  (more…)

Anthrocity: The Map to the Diamond

“Long ago, there was a species called, ‘Hoo-mans’ they evolved into what we are now. There is an ancient story from long ago… There was a nation called Brittania. It was an island nation with a beautiful Queen named Victoria. She had an amazing diamond named the Koh-i-Noor. One day, they hid the diamond, in a remote jungle. They have a map, but it was lost to time.” said Rika. “It was never found.” (more…)

Rhapsody of the Daisies

It was a cold night in New York City. The wind whipped and flowed like a waterfall filled with snow. A man walked through Central Park. He looked up at the biggest skyscraper in New York. The Soon-to-be Empire State Building. It was bright so that the workers working on the tower could see. It shined like the sun in summer. Sadly, Central Park had been transformed into a small city during the Great Depression. The name of said city was Hooverville. The man sighed as he walked past the small shanty town. He walked towards Broadway. The theater was glistening and beautiful. He walked towards backstage and went towards a room. (more…)