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Living with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave. Schizophrenia affects people differently. Some might have hallucinations, while others may hear voices. Those with this disorder have to deal with these things whether they like it or not. They lose all sense of reality and are basically living in a “fairytale”. Many people with schizophrenia have to live like this because they don’t believe anything is wrong with them —they believe everything is fine. Those who don’t get help with this disorder usually go onto become homeless (6%) or are put away in homes that will treat them with the help they desperately need. (more…)

NFL Week 7 Injuries

This NFL Season started 7 weeks ago. During these 7 weeks, many injuries have occurred to point out I have missed the injuries of the past 6 weeks, I will do them for this week and so forth.  

Let’s start with LeSean McCoy running back (RB) for the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, McCoy tried playing after injuring his hamstring, as a result, his team thought it was best for him to be benched for the rest of that game. (more…)

Nod to Kaepernick

On Sunday, September 4 a U.S Female soccer player named Megan Rapinoe followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footstep by kneeling during the National Anthem, calling it a “nod to Kaepernick.” Kaepernick has been getting bashed for doing this. Rapinoe stood not only for racial reasons, but because she as an LGBT individual feels like her liberties haven’t been protected. “I am disgusted with the way he has been treated and the fans and hatred he has received in all of this,” Rapinoe told ESPN’s Julie Foudy, “It is overtly racist: ‘Stay in your place, black man.’ Just didn’t feel right to me. We need a more substantive conversation about race relations and the way people of color are treated.” She claims that overall, it’s been positive hearing from those who are inspired and those who are outraged but thinks that both are incredibly important. I agree with her. She is an American LGBT citizen who deserves the same rights. Although I may be a Christian, I respect her for standing for what she believes in.

Hate on Kneeling Down for Rights

Throughout the NFL pre-season and now regular season, Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco’s 49ERS refused to stand when every other person was standing during the National Anthem, along with other team mates. He’s getting hate from all over the country for what some call “Indecent” and others call “The right thing to do.” He later explains why he did this to NFL Media. (more…)