Bacon Taco!

BACON! I LOVE BACON! Well, wait. Who doesn’t though? What about a bacon taco? Mind blowing right?

So, what you will need is pretty simple,


A knife

A cutting board

1 small bowl

1 frying pan.

Butter knife


1 pound of bacon

1 head of Romaine Lettuce

2 small tomatoes


If you don’t know what romaine lettuce looks like, the leaves are kind of like a boat. First of all,  you need to clean your vegetables! Take the lettuce, hold the stalk down toward the drain, and run the water on the top.  Rub the sides of the lettuce to clean it. Place the freshly washed lettuce on a clean, dry paper towel. Then take out another paper towel and pat it down. Lettuce (Haha! See what I did there!) set it aside for now. Now wash the tomatoes. Just wash it like a ball dropped in mud. Let’s get to the fun part!

Step 1. Put bacon in frying-pan on low-medium heat. Stay close by and watch it. Bacon cooks very quickly, so watch it very closely, or it will burn.

Step 2. After the bacon cooks set it on 4-5  paper towels stacked, this allows the grease to be absorbed. Take another paper towel and pat the top of the bacon.

Step 3. Separate the lettuce and coat the bottom of the “boat” with mayonnaise.

Step 4. Dice (or cut into small pieces) the tomatoes and place in a bowl.

Step 5. Put the tomatoes in the bottom of your lettuce “boat”

Step 6. Put bacon strips in your boat!

Step 7. Do what you want to with it! Salt, pepper, cheese, avocado, whatever floats your BLT Boat!


Feel free to send me feedback and pictures!

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