Best Place to Survive – The Apocalypse Theory (7 Days to Dies)

Today I will be making a theory about 7 Days to Die. It’s not really a theory, more like the safest place on Earth to survive the apocalypse. Yes, you may have already seen this on Game Theory by MatPat but, the video is blocked. So today, I will be paraphrasing the video. I will still include the link to the video at the bottom to watch on your other devices. So let’s begin!  

First, what is the game 7 Days to Die? “7 Days to Die” is a sandbox game where you have 7 days to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. It is on the Xbox1 and Playstation 4. It is similar to Minecraft with more zombies. You can punch things you shouldn’t punch such as trees and stones and build amazing bases.

What is the a zombie? A zombie is a relentlessly aggressive human driven by some blood borne infection that are very deadly such as human mad cow disease and rabies. Surprisingly these two disease are really close to what a zombie is. These disease are spread through bites and infected meat. It also breaks down your brain.

Just imagine how easily it is for the disease to spread through the world. Just drop down one zombie or infection and bam most of the human race is gone but, we will be the tiny percent of people to survive. I will tell you the safest place to be! Also some good tips.

How much time would you really have to prepare for the apocalypse? I wouldn’t take much time for social media to realize the breakout.

I found this website,, which I find really fun. You get to make your own zombie apocalypse. It was made by a college study, by Cornell College in March 2015. Instead of researching the cures to cancer let’s research ways to survive the zombies. Just kidding.

We all know that most people that are bitten go on to become zombies so I set the kill to bite ratio to 0.20. I wanted the zombies to be able to run so we set the speed of the zombies to 15. I want this to be worst case scenario so we need to figure out the figure out the busiest airport in the USA which isn’t New York City but surprisingly Atlanta, Georgia. Followed by LA then New York.

If you do this on your computer you will see the entire US become zombies!

In seven days the half of the entire US is knocked out besides the middle of the US or the more rural places. By here the apocalypse starts to lose heat. It would take 1000 hours for the whole US to be gone a.k.a 41 days. So I guess it is actually 41 Days to Die!

I like this game because in many other media you just wake up to a zombie infested world probably wouldn’t happen.

Instead in this game you have to prepare for the Apocalypse, let it come, and make it a daily norm of killing of some zombies. It is similar to the weather, “Look it’s going to rain better grab the umbrella” but instead “Planning for run in of zombies, better grab the shotgun and pickaxe.”

That’s another reason why I like this game is because there is a life after the apocalypse. Maybe the human race builds back up and zombies go bye-bye. Like dying a normal way, a heart disease, or a selfie incident.

Where is the safest place on Earth to survive? Big cities are out first. Way to many people. You need a place with a low population density. (Click here to see a population density map of the world!)

According to this picture, you can say so long to the coast lines, most of Asia, and all of Europe.

Now we need to consider the rule of 3 in survival:

  1. 3 minutes without air
  2. 3 hours without shelter
  3. 3 days without water
  4. 3 weeks without food

Will we need a reliable source of freshwater. We will need to look more toward lakes since the coastlines are gone. (Click here to see the fresh water lakes of the world!)

What is left is the Great Lakes here in the Mericas and Lake Victoria in Africa.

There is a huge factor many people forget. The blood suckers that make us itch for days. The Skeeters. Mosquitos are surprising a huge spreader of the infection, Watch out Walking Dead, there is a new zombie on the block. Think about it, standing water equals mosquitoes. (Click here to see map of mosquito distribution through out the world!)

According to this map, Africa is out of the picture. The northern part of the Great Lakes is still in the picture since its is cold enough to kill the biters. So Canada here we come. Another important detail is food. You probably won’t want meat considering it could be contaminated so, go fishing. In most elaborate bases in 7 Days to Die there have farms. We need to put farming into consideration. (Click here to see the map of agricultural land in Canada!)

According to this map, the northern parts of the Great Lakes is still available. I even have the exact spot to be in Canada You should be in, drum roll please, buzz buzz, Ontario, Canada. Go ahead Ontario and slap on your visitor’s guide, “You won’t get bit!”

Ontario has low population density, gets cold enough to kill bugs in winter, warm enough to grow food, and has fresh water. Go ahead and call your travel adviser because this is your life getaway to make your utopia. (Click here to see Ontario, Canada!)

But that’s just a theory. An Ontario, Canada Theory! Thanks for reading!

If you have any other ideas for theories, comment down below. Also, comment what you thought of this theory.



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