Pokemon Adventures 2: A Haunting in the Old Chateau


As Inya and Charmander walked in Eterna Forest, they came across an old house as it started to rain. 

“Quick! In here!” Charmander and Inya ran towards the chateau. They walked onto an old rotting porch covered in vines. The porch light was an old gas lantern that hung on a hook. It burned slowly as they walked up towards the old oak doors. The windows were stained glass, all of them red and gray. The roof was covered in vines as well, and above the porch was an old porch that overlooked the forest below. Charmander walked up towards the doors and knocked. The door opened.  (more…)

H-V-CW-E6: Excerpts from The Journey Journal of the Bazildine Warrior

Tyronaian 12, 2134

Dear Journal,

The twelfth day of the fourth month of this year. Today is finally the day. This is the day that the Bazildine Warriors leave to defend their homeland of Bazi. As a reporter, this journal is the only thing I carry upon my back. My name is Rairyn and I chose to accompany this team of elite fighters on a “road trip” to save the territory we all call home. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know who we are after. (more…)

The girl who ran

Bethany looked out at the water. Her eyes glazed over with tears. Part of her heart died with her friend. Esmee was her best friend who could no longer sit out on the beach with her. Bethany was bitter, Esmee’s own father had killed her. He was a drunk who was arrested for child endangerment and manslaughter after that night. (more…)

Rhapsody of the Daisies

It was a cold night in New York City. The wind whipped and flowed like a waterfall filled with snow. A man walked through Central Park. He looked up at the biggest skyscraper in New York. The Soon-to-be Empire State Building. It was bright so that the workers working on the tower could see. It shined like the sun in summer. Sadly, Central Park had been transformed into a small city during the Great Depression. The name of said city was Hooverville. The man sighed as he walked past the small shanty town. He walked towards Broadway. The theater was glistening and beautiful. He walked towards backstage and went towards a room. (more…)

ALIENS @ NEAAAT???!!! (And How To Spot Them)

Hello, readers, it’s your favorite inquisitive journalist back with another report on the strange happenings at NEAAAT. I’ve warned you about vampires and ghosts, but now there is something far more, out of this world lurking around the halls at our school. One of our very own staff members could possibly be an alien. Now, I’m not a snitch, so I won’t tell you who this teacher is, but I will give you some warning signs to look out for.


Farrago Chapter #1

Even though the foul smell of the station is enough to make any person’s face scrunch up, the subway is the easiest way to get around New York City. The people in the station all have their heads down as they push through the crowd to get to their destination. Neither Andrew or I, stand out in the crowd of people who stare at the ground. Our movements are just as hurried and purposeful as the rest of the busy people. (more…)

NaNoWriMo Teaser: The (Not So) Golden Days

Audrey Wallen was the daughter any parent would kill for. She was beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated. All of her teachers loved her. She was the president of the student government, head cheerleader, and her grades were perfect. She was popular and had a boyfriend that most girls would only dream of having. No matter how perfect her life seemed, she still was not satisfied.


NaNoWriMo Teaser: Warrior Princess

Summary: Reya was born a princess, but no one told her. She was also born with special abilities and has to learn how to control them. She was put in a camp to get to use them but what was going on was that the point of the camp was to pick out the weak from the strong. Now Reya not only has to survive but has to protect her family. If she ever gets out what will happen to her? What will happen to her family and friends? Will she be able to live in peace, or on the run? (more…)

NaNoWriMo Teaser: Mars Girl


She could feel the rumbling of the space ship start.


The boys with her were crying.


All she could feel was fear.


She left her friends.


And her family.


She wouldn’t be able to come back.


She knew that.


She was shaking, or maybe it was the rocket.


The voice over the radio was getting faint.


She had to be ready. Novani Purila put her hand on the button, taking deep, shaky breaths. The tears in her eyes were practically blinding her, but that didn’t stop the trained 5-year-old astronaut. She cared for the two boys in the rocket with her, who were actually children of the friends of her parents’. Romeo and Antonio Bruno, Italian twins. Each was 4-years-old.

“Lift Off!”

Then they were off, into the abyss of nothingness, on their way to the rusted planet Mars.

Oh my, you must be sort of confused on how such young children are flying rocket ships to a very dangerous planet. Well, let me help you out. At the time that Novani, Romeo, and Antonio were being hurtled into space, it is the year 3045. Well… at least when they were sent to 1789, around the time of the ending renaissance. Oh yeah, time travel is a thing too. Technology became so advanced, that you can communicate through time periods.

This launch took place at a base in a deserted area, even a set of islands you might say. A better name for these islands is “Hawaii”, but in 2367, they became an independent country, deciding to change their name to “Ikaika”. Ikaika means “strong” in Hawaiian, so what better name?

Oh look, I’m getting off track.

The base was very hidden in Ikaika but was blasted to bits from the lift off. The ship was very nice, but it would only take a few months to get to Mars. Six to be exact.

Novani’s breathing became softer. More humane. “No errors”-another relieved pant-“Everybody is safe, and we are on our way to Mars..” The five-year-old stated. She heard cheering in the back, as everybody now knew the mission went as planned. For now.

Little did our Novani know that she would be introduced to real world suffering. Real pain, real death, and real love.

NaNoWriMo Teaser: Farrago

Danny Stewart had no idea that trying the new fad energy beverage would have such negative consequences. First, herself and everyone around her are completely dependent on the drink and obsessed with everything about it. Second, it has ruined the economic status of the once booming New York City. Third, it is has inspired a fierce hatred of the drug that she must succumb to if she wants to help her family and fight the Farrago Corporation from the inside. (more…)

NaNoWriMo Teaser: Gone

Keira, Sara, and Mason all wake up to a devastating site. They wake up to find their parents dead. Fifty-thousand humans are left on Earth including Keira, Sara, and Mason after an extinction of life on Earth thanks to an injection given to these 50,000 humans when born. These humans are also special. They are all given one power one of which to bring back the dead with a terrifying cost. Will they ever learn how to love life again? If so, will life on Earth be repopulated? (more…)

Demons Out of the Mirror

Warning: Contains Gore

Dearest Daughter,

   If you’re reading this, then I am dead. Your father must have told you that I died from a severe fever and had lo leave this earth. The gift I leave you is the blue and black diamond encrusted mirror. This mirror is yours and only yours. Don’t let anyone else touch it and don’t give it away. When you grow older, and you have a daughter of your own then you may give it to her but no one else. I apologize that I couldn’t give it to you personally but the world was ready to take me away, and I was ready to go. (more…)

Ghosts @ K.E. White

NEAAAT just can’t seem to escape the spooky this month. A chill runs through the K. E. White building, no matter how hot it is outside. In the morning hours before school begins, a strange whistling sound can be heard in certain areas of the building. Witnesses have seen weird, transparent figures lurking in corners and deserted rooms. No one likes to be left alone in this building filled with spirits. Doors open and close on their own (maybe with some spiritual assistance). Everyone is really freaked out by the surrounding circumstances. (more…)

Vampire Infestation @ NEAAAT

Strange things have been occurring at our school lately. Rooms in the far reaches of the building have been sealed off, with only certain teachers being allowed in the area. Students have been leaving class, only to be seen later in the day in the office with no memory of the absence. Not only this but many students report finding puncture marks on different places of their body, with no explanation of where they’ve come from. Bats have even been seen in the darkest corners of Moore Hall. (more…)