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Teach Team Repair Services

Tech Team Repair Services

Phone screens crack and shatter so easily, and NEAAAT’s own Terriyon Brown and Ethan Nixon are here to help. These two students are starting a business for repairing phone screens called Tech Team Repair Services. Repairing phones isn’t all that they do either. TTRS also does web design and computer repair.Terriyon Brown started repairing phone screens last year as a mini business. “I needed the money, and I had the skill. People just started coming to me and assumed I knew how to fix their screens.” This side job continued to grow, as did Brown’s credibility because he received more and more business from students at school. Coach Harris recommended that Brown develope his tech repair services into a business. “Ethan came in on the business because I don’t have very good social skills and he is better than me with web design.” Tech Team Repair Services was born.


Coaches and Fairy Tales

Hello NEAAAT, do you remember when you were younger? Did you read or believe in fairy-tales? Well, I know that you don’t have to be young to love them! I know that some of our middle grades coaches are still in the fairy-tale spirit, like Coach West, who likes Cinderella because she “wanted to be the one who grew up and had the chance to dress up in a beautiful ball gown and meet my Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a castle”. Or even like Coach Spruill who was always fond of Beauty and the Beast because he believes “in the innate goodness of humanity, even if that goodness is covered up by our baser nature”. (more…)

Valentine’s Day at NEAAAT

Happy Valentines Day NEAAAT!! I hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine’s day with their friends or just staying home and watching Netflix. Either way, I hope everybody had a wonderful day! Anyways, Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day that is filled with love and friendship. Our coaches usually fill their day with love by following simple traditions or just celebrating the day with their friends and family. For example, Coach Spruill usually takes his wife out to dinner and then goes to see a movie (depending on what’s playing). Coach Luther and Coach McNeill normally do something similar and have a nice dinner with their family. Coach Luther loves making goodies, so her family gets a lot of desserts, along with handmade goody-bags that she makes for her kids. (more…)

Coach Scurria: Valued Volunteered

Coach Norman Scurria, a retired engineer, helps tutor students after school in math and assists Coach Alcott in her math classes. Coach Scurria says about NEAAAT, “This educational initiative at NEAAAT is a model for what all education will become, so it is rewarding to be involved in building the models within an educational system. I can’t think of anything more rewarding to me than helping a student learn, especially in this environment where students seem to have an above average desire to learn and a good attitude about learning in general. I think it is doubly rewarding for me: to help someone learn who wants to learn. I don’t think it gets better than that. Just being involved with NEAAAT, regardless if it is mathematics or in any other capacity, is exciting because this is the next generation of how to learn and what to learn.” Coach Scurria is a valued member of the NEAAAT family and his continuous support is welcome and appreciated.

TNT’s New Year’s Goals

Hello NEAAAT community,

The NEAAAT Times has been working hard to provide you with abundant material every two weeks that represents our team. You’re welcome.

On a much more serious note, I am very proud of the team of writers and artists that we are and how we work together to complete each issue. As a team, we decide on a goal to reach for how many things to publish that week. We have discussions in our meetings about topics to write about. It is our pleasure to make content for the community to enjoy. So thank you, for enjoying.

As the new year rolls around, we want to promise you that we will be publishing at least 8 more themed issues before the school year ends. It is our goal to continue to work as a loving team to publish a minimum of 20 things every issue. If you have any suggestions for how we should improve, please leave them here in the comments.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
The NEAAAT Times

NEAAAT’s Mistletoe Dance 2016

One of the most memorable moments for a student is their school dance. So NEAAAT is holding their very own semi-formal dance! The Mistletoe Dance will be held on December 16th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The dance will take place at Williams Hall on the ECSU campus. Tickets are on sale now and will be until December 13th. Single tickets cost $20, but you can get a price $15 if you donate a gently used coat. Couples tickets will cost $30, with a reduced price of $25 if a coat is donated. Photos can also be purchased. Leah Simpson Photography will be taking the photos. Attire is meant to be appropriate and holiday themed semi-formal. All outfits are expected to follow the school dress code as this is a school event. Refreshments will be served. A link to a flyer with more information can be found at I hope to see you there!


NEAAAT Spirit Week 2016!


This year’s NEAAAT Spirit Week will be as following:
Monday, October 31st – Movie Monday (Come to school dressed as one of your favorite characters!)
Tuesday, November 1st – Twister Tuesday (Twist your gender on this day!)
Wednesday, November 2nd – Wake Up Wednesday (Wear yourPJs to school!)
Thursday, November 3rd – Time Travel Thursday (Dress up in a getup from the past!)
Friday, November 4th – Festive Friday (Wear your favorite holiday festive wear!)
We can’t wait to see everyone dressing up next week!
Thank you,

Organized Madness #3

Written: 10-12/16

To preface this, I shall say that the time is nearly upon us. I can see that you’re reading this again (I actually can’t, but the-lord-that-should-not-be can). And as such, I have concluded that you are here to read another piece of contemptible reporting and borderline cultist propaganda. So I stand here on my digital soapbox to regale you with the tales and adventures of our school. And so, I issue you a welcome to the zanier side of the newspaper. Where the sarcasm flows like rivers. (more…)

Interview of NEAAAT’s SGA President, Grace Bassett

NEAAAT SGA President

Question 1: How does it feel being the SGA President of NEAAAT?

Grace answered this question with an amazing and enlightened attitude, which made me feel better about my first interview. She began with how she didn’t really feel like she would win, and when she was told on that day in class, she began jumping up and down. “I was elated,” Grace told me, “…The other campaigns were very good, and I was very surprised to have won.” Grace got a lot of love from her coaches and student body, and she is very grateful. (more…)

NEAAAT SGA Election Overview

In the last two weeks, the NEAAAT SGA (student government association) candidates campaigned and gave speeches. These candidates, no matter the position, put a lot of their time and effort into their campaign. Due to the recent storm and Remote Learning Protocol, the SGA candidates have had some limitations in their campaigning process. However, they have found ways to work around these “bumps in the road”. They have found ways to get their message out to the student body—like by recording their speeches and sending them out through a powerpoint or sending campaign emails. (more…)

Who is Chase the Goose?

Chase the Goose is a Canada Goose that has a disease called Angel Wing. Last year a few NEAAAT students started to care for Chase the Goose and make sure that he had food. The students were also working on getting their plant plans approved so that they can plant on the Gilchrist building’s pond. This could qualify as a Wildlife Refuge with food, water, and shelter. The wildlife refuge would help all of the animals and insects around the pond to survive and thrive. (more…)

Donations to The NEAAAT Times

The NEAAAT Times is a student-run, electronic newspaper at Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies (NEAAAT). Every 2 weeks, over 30 students work together to write, edit, and create content for the NEAAAT community to enjoy. We are looking to purchase a year’s subscription to Grammarly Premium, an editing software, to ensure that the content The NEAAAT Times publishes is free of grammar errors. We are hoping to raise $150 in donations to purchase the editing software. If you would like to help The NEAAAT Times out in our efforts to make our content and our website more professional, any donation would be highly appreciated.

To make a donation, please write a check to NEAAAT with “newspaper” mentioned on the memo line. Thank you and please enjoy your time browsing our website. 

Grace Bassett,

Senior Editor of The NEAAAT Times

Organized Madness #2

Written: 9-29/16

To preface this, I will say it once again (as I did at some point in the last 12 lunar cycles) that I do not have a strange, unnatural inclination towards, nor fixation/obsession with, parentheses. I see you’re here again, reading this. Or maybe you’re new and don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Both of which are good. In either case, welcome. Welcome to the zanier side of the newspaper, where the sarcasm flows like rivers. (more…)

Sports @ NEAAAT

After two meetings with many parents, students, and staff members fully engaged Julie Tunney, and the distinguished board of parent and student representatives has decided to move on with what almost 75% of the school wants. These meetings were put in order to talk about the possibility of having sports here at NEAAAT. After many considerations, and careful thought processes the group of representatives has come up with a way to have a step stool foundation on having sports at NEAAAT. (more…)

Symera Hall Sensation

Right next to the NEAAAT building, Moore Hall!

If you’re wondering, Symera Hall is the building right next to the (regular) NEAAAT building with all the boxes and people. Do you know why those people and boxes are there? Well, the answer is that they’re restoring and sanitizing the building so some of the future grades at NEAAAT can move into the building when they come here. Don’t get too excited though (I don’t know why you are), this isn’t confirmed yet and maybe they’re just going to use it for an event or maybe it’ll come back and connect with the regular college campus once more. In my opinion, it’s cool how they’re talking old buildings and giving them a new purpose.

Here’s a little history about the building: Symera Hall was built in 1912 and is believed to be the second-oldest structure on the ECSU campus. Originally for women students, its normal capacity was 99 people before going out of service. It was rebuilt in 1949 following destruction by a hurricane, then had several renovations. Symera and Lane Hall are connected by a small area formerly known as the “Captain’s Cabin”, then a faculty dining area. The building is named after Symera Moore, wife of the first ECSU leader, then president, Peter Moore. This building has a lot of interesting history I didn’t know until now! So, here’s a question. Do you think they should make it a part of this school? Or should they leave it to rot like before?



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Coach Hedley’s Super Power

NEAAAT's Newest Middle School Coach

Coach Joseph Hedley is the newest middle school coach, teaching design principles. Coach Hedley was born here in North Carolina, and then after a couple years moved with his family, including his younger brother and sister,  to Macon and Athens Georgia. While Hedley lived in Georgia, he went to college at University of Georgia for 4 years (GO DAWGS). After spending 15 years in Georgia, he then decided to come back home to North Carolina and has lived here ever since.