Chaos Incarnate: A story about Slade.

Hi, my name’s Slade, And this is MY story, no one else’s. Here you go.

I was born in the town of Hades in the Underworld district of Hell. I was a Possesser, y’know, the demons you see in horror movies who possess people? That’s me! I represent one of the eight deadly sins! But I was kicked out by my brother Mammon and by my boss, the Devil.

I represented Chaos, uncontrollable anger, and bloodlust. I was demoted to Possesser, so I possessed a fox named Joshua Prowler, but he split his personality into two entities with the Emerald of Wishes, Me, and my roommate Inya, they trapped me in a new body, a wolf body, and so I have been trying to escape this world ever since, But then I defeated my brother Satan, and now I have to find all of the seven deadly sins in this world, and defeat them before they summon The Devil, the Demon King. With the Holy Sword held by the Archangel Michael shattered into 13 pieces, I have to find that to defeat The Seven Deadly Sins and The Devil. But I also need to find the White Fairies Wand, A wand with enough magic to defeat the Dark Fairy, Mother of all Demons and Creator of Evil on Earth, and to also defeat the Devil and also to make sure a portal to the Underworld is never opened again. I will stop my brothers, and Me and Inya and his friends will need help to defeat the Devil, Father of all Demons, King and Creator of Evil. But first, we need to stop the Devil’s army of unholy creatures here on Earth; then we will go after The Seven Deadly Sins, Then The Dark Fairy, Then The Devil.  We will hunt the Vampires, slay the Zombies, calm the Ghosts, and Exercise every demon. I don’t have much time before we go, So I hope you all are safe, wish us luck because right now all of our lives depend on it.

Dear Diary,

We know where one shard of the Holy Sword is, but we don’t have enough money to get us there… it looks like Mammon has taken over the government, seeing how greedy they are. We will have to destroy Mammon and make sure he doesn’t create the thing I made when I was younger and still evil, the Dark One Dagger. With it, you become the pure embodiment of Dark Magic on Earth. My Mother, the Dark Fairy, and I created it without the Devil’s permission. If he uses the dagger, we will have another enemy to fight, the Dark One, a very powerful foe, it chooses a random person and makes them Pure Evil and Pure Magic. Goodbye.


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