Coach Hedley’s Super Power

NEAAAT's Newest Middle School Coach

Coach Joseph Hedley is the newest middle school coach, teaching design principles. Coach Hedley was born here in North Carolina, and then after a couple years moved with his family, including his younger brother and sister,  to Macon and Athens Georgia. While Hedley lived in Georgia, he went to college at University of Georgia for 4 years (GO DAWGS). After spending 15 years in Georgia, he then decided to come back home to North Carolina and has lived here ever since.

When Hedley came back to North Carolina, he wanted to become a teacher, so he started looking for a job. He wanted to become a teacher because his father was a teacher and he loved it. Hedley said that “people were always saying I should try it” and that “I had an act for explaining things”. Overall people just encouraged him because they thought he would really like it. Coach Hedley chose NEAAAT over all of the other schools because he thought it had fun and engaging projects while still being educational.

At the end of this interview, I asked Coach Hedley a question to twist the professional vibe. The question stated:  “If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?” He replied by laughing and saying “I would be Hiro from heroes because he controls time and space and I think he is pretty cool. Or Skylar because he steals everybody else’s powers. Dr. Manhattan is pretty cool too.”

Coach Hedley has had a fun and enjoyable time so far, teaching design principles at NEAAAT. He is glad he finally got to take his father’s advice and become a teacher at an amazing school. His favorite part about being a teacher is spending the day with kids. Our new coach is excited to have a successful year at NEAAAT! 


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