Coaches and Fairy Tales

Hello NEAAAT, do you remember when you were younger? Did you read or believe in fairy-tales? Well, I know that you don’t have to be young to love them! I know that some of our middle grades coaches are still in the fairy-tale spirit, like Coach West, who likes Cinderella because she “wanted to be the one who grew up and had the chance to dress up in a beautiful ball gown and meet my Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a castle”. Or even like Coach Spruill who was always fond of Beauty and the Beast because he believes “in the innate goodness of humanity, even if that goodness is covered up by our baser nature”.

Now, there are some fairy tales out there that just don’t attract some people. For example, Coach Rook is not fond of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. “I hate the limitations and prejudices portrayed on the young woman, that it was her fault for being the victim, and because it portrays wolves inaccurately.” Coach West has similar feelings about Goldilocks and The Three Bears. “I never liked Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I always thought Goldilocks was a criminal for entering someone’s home when they are not there and should have been arrested. It was terribly rude of her to make herself at home by eating their food and sleeping in their beds.”

Sometimes a fairy-tale can somehow relate to a real person’s actual life. For example, Coach West says “The Frog Prince is most like my life story. I met a guy. He was annoying at first, and I didn’t like him much, but I had to tolerate him because he was a good friend of my employer in college. Over time, we became friends. Then we became best friends, even though he acted like a toad sometimes. We dated, and with a single kiss we knew we would be married. It’s actually engraved on his wedding band: “From ToadFrog to Frog Prince.”

In these interviews, I asked what fairy-tale they would most want to live in. Coach West would like to live in Beauty and the Beast because she loves to read, like Belle, and would love to be surrounded by inanimate objects. “Also, like Belle, I believe people can change, and they aren’t always what they appear to be at first glance.” Coach Spruill would like to live in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table because he believes that it would be refreshing to live in a world that revered chivalry and he thinks that one of the main deficiencies of modern life is the lack of a code of honor. Coach Rook, says “I would want to live in Tender Morsels people.”because it has the option to have your imaginings to come true.”

I think we should appreciate fairy-tales because they give hope, and (in my opinion) they can brighten your day (depending on the tale). “I love fairy-tales because I believe that our world needs to be filled with wonder and awe. So often, we allow science and logic to strip the world of magic and mystery. The result is a cold and dry world full of facts and figures but lacking the greater virtues of love and joy. Fairy tales are vitamins for the imagination, helping us to experience the world to the fullest possible extent.” says Coach Spruill. Likewise, Coach West says “I love fairy tales. They were some of my first reading experiences and taught me to dream, imagine, and wonder what life could be like from other perspectives. I believe they shaped much of my personality. There is much wisdom in a fairy tale if you take the time to read them carefully and think about what they mean beyond the basic story line.” Lastly, Coach Rook has a different view on fairy tales. She thinks “If people only look at the stereotypes represented in them then they get a very limited view on people”

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