Different Like a Snowflake ~NaNoWriMo Winner~ (Chapters 2-4)

Chapter two

Belle woke up in the hospital, someone she didn’t know was beside her.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m your social worker, Micayla.”  The women said.

“Why do I need you?” Belle snarked.

“Your… Um…. Parents….. Are… Errr….. Dead…” Micayla stuttered.

With a loud sob, Belle tried to pull herself out of bed. An alarm rang somewhere in the building, a nurse ran in, urging her to lay back down.  Belle obeyed and turn her back to the social worker.

“Belle…” She stated.

“Go away.” Belle responded

“We found you a foster home, since neither of your parents had relatives… ” Micayla whispered.


“So, I’d like you to meet them at least.”

A women with blonde hair entered the room as she turned over. She didn’t smile, she didn’t seem the slightest bit sympathetic.

“I’m Nicole.” She said, her voice stone cold. Icy, almost..

“Belle.” she murmured.

The social worker and Nicole talked for a moment. Micayla left, leaving Belle with the social worker.

“Leave me alone please.” Belle asked Nicole.

“Listen, Bella, Izzy, or Carol. Whatever your name is… I don’t care about you. I just want the money..” Nicole told her her voice icy as ever.

“Wow… thanks…” Belle responded.

Chapter three

“Welcome home..” Nicole shouted as Belle walked through the door.

Four dogs ran down the stairs. Belle squatted to pet them

“Don’t! Don’t touch my dogs.” Nicole screamed in her face.

“Just for that.” Nicole scowled and grabbed Belle by her book bag strap, dragging her up the stairs.

Belle stumbled up the stairs and was shoved into a cool room. The door slammed and what sounded like a lock clicked. Belle stood and walked to the door, sure enough, it was locked.

“This place will be a nightmare..” She whispered.

The room was dark, cold, and simple. A bookcase stood in the corner with a few books on it. A nightstand and land beside the bed.  The bed looked unstable. It only had a pillow and a simple burgundy blanket.

Belle opened the closet and found t-shirts, all size extra large.

“No pants? Well then…” Belle whispered.  

“Don’t speak to loudly…” a small voice came from behind her.

Chapter four

Belle jumped. She turned to find a petite blonde girl.


“I was hiding under the bed. I’m Emily. ” the blonde child said.

“Okay… I’m Belle. Do we share a room?” Belle questioned

“If you look closer, there is a fold out mattress. We can take turns on it..” Emily responded.

Belle and Emily hit it off right away. Emily was only 7.

“So…. What happens when she gets mad??”  Belle questioned.

“If it’s a weekend, we are locked in here without food.. during the week,  we stay in here and go to school. She hits, too…” Emily told her quietly.

“Where?” Belle grew worried.

Emily lifted her shirt to expose a large bruise across her side.

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