NaNoWriMo Teaser: Different Like a Snowflake

“I mean… Yeah, it makes sense… But why choose Zeldon when Mysen is available?” Belle stated as she played on her phone.

“Zeldon has a cool name!” Belle’s father stated not understanding his daughter’s concerns.

“What are you two talking about?” Belle’s mother questioned.

” Ages of Space!” The pair said in unison.

Belle and her father spent most of their free time together playing video games.  The car fell silent after a few moments of arguing over a video game. The family pulled up to a stoplight and began their journey once more.

“Nicholas! Look at the ro-.” Belle’s mother’s word was stopped as the car swerved off the road and into a tree.

Tree limbs came through the windshield.  All Belle could see was blood.

“Mom? Dad?” Belle screamed.

No response.

“Stay calm… We will get you out..” Someone told her.

“Please..” Belle whispered.

That’s the last thing she can remember.

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