Dog Treats Recipe

Dog treats!
As a hobby, I make and sell dog treats. (Not that I have sold any recently…)

I want to give YOU one of my less used, but popular, recipes.

All you need is…….

½ cup of peanut butter

1 container of regular yogurt

Put them in a gallon ziplock bag and knead the bag. Cut the tip and make little mounds of the mixture onto a sheet pan and freeze. Continue to freeze them.  Feed in moderation, they are healthy for them. They are also perfect for hot days, and let’s be honest, it’s North Carolina.  In North Carolina, it can be freezing one day and burning hot the next.

If you’re interested in buying any treats from me, email me! My email is on my phone so that I will get it faster. Go like Bowser’s Bites on Facebook.

Take it from me. Your dogs will thank you!

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