Evil Queen and Mother Gothel, Same Person Theory

Welcome back to the Conspiracy Corner! After rewatching Tangled (thanks to Tatum), I noticed something I never noticed about Mother Gothel. She looks identical to the Evil Queen from Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Just take a look for yourself:

What I propose is that when the evil queen ‘fell’ off the cliff she somewhat survived. She then survived until the flower bloomed that made her look young and live forever. After Rapunzel was born she kidnaped her and the rest of Tangled happened.

The first thing you notice are the similarities between their looks. They both have green eyes and when they look old they both look the same with the popped out eyes. We can all agree on the fact that they look the same right, but what else could be connected?

We can assume they take place in the same universe because they both have magic. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes place in Germany because that is where it took place in the original Grimm Brothers version. Tangled takes place in a made-up kingdom called ‘Corona’ but we can assume it takes place in Germany because that is where the original story took place.  Snow White takes place in about 1550’s and Tangled takes place in about 1800’s. I understand that they are 250 years apart but don’t forget about magic.

There are many unknowns about this theory but, it is a pretty cool theory anyway. Thanks for reading!

Fun Fact: Snow White is the youngest Disney princess with an age of 14 years old. Rapunzel has the longest hair and the shortest hair of any Disney princess.

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