Fairy Tales: EXPOSED

You may think you know how the stories of your favorite fairy tales with Happily Ever Afters, but it might come as a shock to you that not all of these stories were quite… happy.

When you think of Cinderella, you probably picture the Disney movies, with the ugly step-sisters, the evil stepmother, the glass slipper, the fairy godmother, and of course Cinderella. In the Disney movie, Cinderella loses her glass slipper while running away from the prince. The princes request for all of the ladies in the land to try on the slipper. When the shoe comes around to the ugly step-sisters, you’re entertained by the goofy cartoonish attempts resulting their failure to fit the shoe. In the original story, the sisters succeeded in fitting the shoe, but not without loosing parts of their foot. That’s right! They cut off parts of their foot in order to meet their prince charming. (The lengths some people will go.) Not only were they found out, but Cinderella cast her revenge on them with the help of her animal friends. Birds were sent to peck, out their eyes and the two sisters spent the rest of their life as blind beggars. I guess you could say they never saw it coming.

The Little Mermaid
First off, The Little Mermaid (aka Ariel) was never given a name in the original story. She was repeatedly referenced to as The Little Mermaid. The plot is mostly the same however the ending is not. The Little Mermaid did fall in love with a prince she didn’t know, and she did go to a sea witch in order to get legs. However, the transformation process was not as magical and magnificent as in the Disney movie. The sea witch cut off TLM’s tongue and every step she took would feel like knives cutting through her legs. If she did not marry the prince the morning after his wedding, she would turn to seafoam. However the prince does indeed fall in love with the mermaid, but he then finds the princess who found him on the beach that the mermaid brought him to and married her. While waiting for her death, The Little Mermaid spots her sisters with all of their hair cut off. They had traded their hair to save their sister’s life. All she had to do was kill the prince and have his blood drip over his feet, and she would turn back into a mermaid. She, however, couldn’t do it, so she threw herself into the ocean and turned to foam. Sad ending.

Snow White
Snow White did eat the poisoned apple, and she was saved by a prince charming. In the Disney movie, Snow White has a very kind nature. This isn’t true for the original story. After she is saved, Snow White order the Evil Queen to dance on hot coals until she dies of exhaustion. Not to say the Evil Queen didn’t have it coming. The queen ordered the huntsman to find Snow White and bring back her lungs and liver, not her heart. The queen planned to eat them for dinner. Yuck!

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