Fire and Ice – The Tale of Two Twins.

“Sapphire quit it!” Ruby said looking at her sister.  Sapphire shot yet another icicle at her sister’s head.  Ruby shot a cold look at her sister as she walked to the door of the playroom.

“MOOOOM!” Ruby yelled at the top of her lungs.

“No! No, no, no! I’m sorry! What will it take? Do you want to burn me? Go ahead!” Sapphire whispers.

Ruby rolls her eyes and sticks a finger out  at her sister, flames like a candle shoot out.  Sapphire whimpers and pulls up her shirt, just past her belly button. A frightening grin crosses Ruby’s face and eyes, she stabs her sister with a flaming finger.  

The twins mom walks in tired and concerned, “What is the matter, Ruby?” she says warily.

“Nothing, Mama! What’s for dinner?” Ruby asks, covering for her sister.

“I ran up here for this? We are having roast beef and peas.” Mama says unhappily.  Ruby gave her sister an evil grin while her sister rubbed her stomach. Both Sapphire and Ruby’s phones buzzed a text from General Max. Max is 29 years old and head of TSOA.

“Emergency in the city, Super Twins needed. HURRY!” Sapphire read aloud to her sister.

Sapphire’s super suit is blue with faux gems on it, while Ruby’s is red with red faux gems on it. The two got a lift from Miss Appear, a friend and fellow superhero who can become invisible and can apparate.

“Missy, when did you become a superhero anyway?” Sapphire asked.

 Missy laughed at the two younger superheroes.

“Well,” Missy replied, “I was 12 years old. General Max showed up at my house and told me I could do great things. When I asked what he said to disappear, my mom took that the wrong way and thought he was being mean. What he really meant is I can become invisible! Hey, Ruby, wake up! We’re here.” Missy said looking in the rearview mirror, Ruby jolted awake, asking what time it was. Sapphire and Missy giggled, getting out of the car at  TSOA headquarters.

“Take less time! The world could have been destroyed!” General Max told the trio as he paced the floor. “Okay, Max, what do you want me to tell the cops? Sorry for speeding, officer. Am I trying to save the world from a robot? Yeah, that will get me in the loony bin for sure!” Missy told Max, the twins just giggled. “ Okay, back to business!” Max started, “Robots have invaded Los Angeles. Not just any Robots, twelve and a half foot tall robots.  We need you three to freeze, fry or apparate them to anywhere but here.  I really don’t care where you take ‘em, just get rid of them.” He finishes his speech and the Teens disperse.

The Los Angeles airport was nearly destroyed when they got there. The first thing they did was freeze a robot. Almost all the robots were destroyed–they thought they were done. Just before they headed home it showed up. “Sapphire, No!!” Ruby yelled as giant metal claw came inches from her sister’s body.  Ruby held out her small hands and flames came out, spraying the robot with flames, it stood still and wasn’t affected. “Missy!!! Get Sapphire!” Ruby called out.  Instead, Miss Appear stood on top of the robot.

Miss Appear and the robot were never seen again.

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