Ghosts @ K.E. White

NEAAAT just can’t seem to escape the spooky this month. A chill runs through the K. E. White building, no matter how hot it is outside. In the morning hours before school begins, a strange whistling sound can be heard in certain areas of the building. Witnesses have seen weird, transparent figures lurking in corners and deserted rooms. No one likes to be left alone in this building filled with spirits. Doors open and close on their own (maybe with some spiritual assistance). Everyone is really freaked out by the surrounding circumstances.

I, as a humble journalist, have a sneaking suspicion that ECSU’s Homecoming is not the only reason we’ve departed from the K.E. White Center. Maybe, the ghosts became too much for us to handle. So, we’ve taken a break from using the building. Giving the spirits a rest, I suppose. They will no longer have to keep themselves sequestered away. They will roam free, for a little while. Just remember, if we ever return, the ghosts are there and they see you, all hours of the day.

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