Government Difficulty – Chapter One

America, New Jersey, May 20, 2016

“Hachiro! WAKE UP” Akari stated, clearly furious.

“I’m up, I’m up…Must we do this every morning?” he exclaimed.

“Must you sleep in late every morning?!” she argued back.

“I can’t argue with that.”

The room was peaceful where they spoke, a sanctuary you could say. Hachiro wore distressed jeans and a dirty ‘Hurley’ T-Shirt from who knows how many days before. He wasn’t exactly the neatest person you would meet. Akari, on the other hand, wore a black shirt with a short red skirt and black leggings her glasses glimmered in the lighting of the room. “So have you heard anything from them?” She asked in a gentle smooth voice.

“Yeah, they said we can either disband or leave..” He said with frustration.

“Leave?” She asked with her tone rising.

“Yeah, I don’t know where we would go, we could try to go back to Japan but you know what happened last time,” he said. There was silence in the room again.

“Hachiro, I can’t handle this much longer why do you always mess with things when it’s completely unnecessary?” she stated with a very worried tone. “You can’t handle me much longer?! We wouldn’t even freakin’ be here if it weren’t for you! Hachiro shouted

You’re the one that insisted on moving here for the sake of the people but did you ever think about me? Hachiro started to slightly yell.

“I-” He wouldn’t let her finish. He slammed the steel door on the way out. She began to sob in the room.

He went to Natsuko’s room. The room itself was unclean, but he couldn’t say anything himself. He gazed at the room, He knew this would be the last time he would be here. He went back to Akari’s room. She was still sobbing due to their conversation from before. He patted her back. “I’m sorry Akari…” he said with a very low tone.

“Did you mean it?” she asked, with tears still running down her cheeks. Silence filled the room again. It was colder than last time he was there.

“I’m sorry for making you upset, you know what I fear most for you, though, don’t you?” he asked, with his tone slightly higher.

“Yes, Hachiro. Thank you for your protection but you can’t do this all your life.” She stated, clearly thinking of him.

“Yes I know, it won’t be much longer until your on your own.” A tear escaped as he said it. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“I love you Akari, please stay safe.” He said with sorrow in his voice.

He left the laboratory unable to hold back the tears any longer.

America, New Jersey, January 11, 2015

“Akari, help me!!” Hachiro yelled loudly with fear in his words, purple muck filled his mouth. His eyes glowed yellow. His body started to emit light.

“HACHIRO!!!!” Akari screamed with anger. She broke out of the muck with a beam of light shooting out of her mouth with a temperature over 400 degrees. She burned the muck around him with all of her force.

As Hachiro escaped the muck, he caught Akari before she fell. He examined her. She had blood dripping from her ears, eyes, and nose. Hachiro yelled, “JUNICHI!” and waited for an answer. “JUNICHI…JUNICHI!!!!” He yelled once more.

There was the noise of a helicopter flying in the distant. The anonymous  called out with a megaphone, “HELLO. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ktch PLEASE CLIMB UP THE LADDER ktch”

Hachiro grabbed the ladder, he was being pulled up, as he looked up the lights blinded him. He fell to the ground screaming, as the purple muck covered him again. He had lost too much blood. He passed out.

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