H-V-CW-E6: Excerpts from The Journey Journal of the Bazildine Warrior

Tyronaian 12, 2134

Dear Journal,

The twelfth day of the fourth month of this year. Today is finally the day. This is the day that the Bazildine Warriors leave to defend their homeland of Bazi. As a reporter, this journal is the only thing I carry upon my back. My name is Rairyn and I chose to accompany this team of elite fighters on a “road trip” to save the territory we all call home. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know who we are after.

Four years ago, in 2130, our home was taken from us. The day began normally, then suddenly, everything erupted into chaos. The Qudobi, a civilization of dark elves that had been living below us for years without our knowledge, suddenly attacked. The Qudobi had been secretly plotting this attack for several years. Due to their intense technological advancement and hivemind-like behavior, we were pushed out of our homeland. They didn’t stop there, however. They kept going. Now, half of our planet Esteria is covered by their forces. The Bazildine people are a formidable force, but not nearly strong enough to hold off an attack from an enemy of this nature. We relocated to an area in the mountains, far from our previous home by the sea. Our people were forced to adapt to this new environment without much warning. Our civilization crumbled beneath the pressure.

Now, four years later, we are finally strong enough to attack our opponent. We have trained a special group of warriors to lead our attack against the enemy. The Bazildine Warriors are the strongest members of our society. They have been equipped with the best technology our smartest inventors could create. Hopefully, with these materials and skills, we can save our people and in turn save the rest of the world.

Tyronian 24, 2134

Dear Journal,

We have just arrived at the first band of people that we’ve seen on our twelve-day journey. These people call themselves the Pestonians. They claim their homes were ransacked by Qudobi forces a day prior to our arrival. Children ran about, crying and screaming. Wounded people were slowly being transported into a building that had a large red cross painted across the top. I stopped to speak with a group of natives about the attack and their preparedness for battle.

The man that did the majority of the speaking identified himself as Jarin. He said the group I was interviewing was a sector of the Pestonian Rescue Brigade. The other two men were called Tyresu and Felastar. They said that the Qudobi just showed up and automatically used force. They were not interested in speaking with diplomats or leaders. They seemed to have this blood lust that was seemingly insatiable. They went after women first, killing about a fourth of the female population. Then several children were kidnapped by this blood thirsty group. They didn’t stop there. They destroyed a large majority of the buildings in the town. Jarin says the destruction was caused by a large laser that seemingly shot out of the ground; there was no real source. The only buildings left were the hospital which was made of reinforced Baruka metal, the strongest on the planet, and a singular armory. Jarin ended the conversation by saying that the Pestonian people would gladly assist us in any way possible. They really wanted to put a stop to pestering, destructive force that was the Qudobi.

Before we left, we gave them some supplies to help rebuild, and they gave us a few of their best fighters that were not injured in the fray. The three fighters they provided were called Fay, Greten, and Ecus. We gladly welcomed the new allies and soon went on our way.

Tyronian 35, 2134

Dear Journal,

The captain of the Bazildine Warriors, Wallenschim, was relatively calm man. However, today while he was training the new recruits on one of our routine stops, he lashed out at them. I approached him later in the day to see what was the matter. Earlier that morning, Wallenschim had received news from our homebase about the status of the Qudobi. These dark elves were tricky. They had taken over the bases of three of our largest allies, the Wilterfil, the Tyon, and the Fillow.

The Wilterfil were located in the mountain range just south of where the Bazildine people called home. The Tyon were a western people that lived in a large base by the Zangu Ocean. The Fillow were treehoppers. They lived in the Forest of Yew, not far from our current location. Wallenschim decided to send spies ahead to scout out the situation. Ecus of the Pestonian people accompanied two of our spies on this trip. When they returned, Ecus retold the story of what she saw to me.

Trees were set aflame by Qudobi arsons with flaming ammo. Fillow people were being killed left and right by Qudobi assassins. The dwellings that had not been burned were ransacked, and people were pulled out of them with force. It was truly a horrific scene. The spies were able to bring back a few survivors that fought their way out of the mess. These people agreed to travel with us in an attempt to save the remaining societies left unharmed from the Qudobi.

The group was growing with each encounter. I began to feel a bit better about our chances when I met a few of the survivors we’d picked up. Uni, an inventor, was able to secure a few of the weapons she’d invented to help aid our cause. This road trip towards the hivemind of Qudobi was about to get a lot more interesting.

Ryanous 3, 2134

Dear Journal,

Today, our procession forward was halted by a Qudobi spy camp that was ahead in our path. We were already really close to the Qudobi base, so we knew it would become dangerous territory soon, we just didn’t know how soon. The camp was crawling with Qudobi spies, each trained in the art of assassination. Before we realized we were close, a few spies had spotted us.

We were forced to engage in combat with several fighters of their company. Many of us were injured before we were able to take out the group. Fay of the Pestonian people was stabbed in the gut. Our medic says he may not survive his wounds. We hope for the best. Once we took out the fighters we decided it would probably be best to circumnavigate around the camp, so we were not forced to fight again. The extra travel took two more days from our time. Time is running out, but we are close. If we don’t destroy the hive-mind in time, who knows what may happen. Only time will tell.

Ryanous 25, 2143

Dear Journal,

We’ve finally done it. Our resistance was successful. We lost so many brave warriors, but it all paid off. The Bazildine Warriors and crew were able to take out the formidable force that is the Qudobi. It took us many days to reach the base camp. We had to fight off many fighters of the Qudobi group. There were many times when all hope seemed lost.

We didn’t succeed initially, which was terrifying. It took our largest effort just to make it through the first wave of fighters. Ecus was mortally injured in that battle and lost her life. We buried her in the days after the hive-mind was destroyed. The group was left with 48 fighters. Once we broke through their forces, we had to find our way to the brain room. This is what they called the center for their hive-mind controllers. The spies had the largest role in this mission. They were able to stealthily find the control room and get that information back to captain Wallenschim. Uni was then sent with a group of spies to the control room. From there, she was able to set the controller to self-destruct mode. Our forces cleared the building once the Qudobi were all collapsing into lifeless heaps on the floor, left dead with no purpose. Once we’d made our escape, we celebrated briefly. The Bazildine Warriors and their diverse group of allies were able to save the world of Esteria from its most formidable foe. The group would go down in history as the greatest warriors of all time. Once this journal is published, generations to come will hear about the greatness took place on the twenty-fourth day of the fifth month of the 2134th year.

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