I am MicroMan

I am smaller than a cell

But I can still fight crime very well!

I am faster than the speed of light

One of my tactics is to bite

My bite tickles

My weapon is a sickle

I grew up on a farm

Then I woke up in alarm

There was a stranger in my house

Strangely he was the size of a mouse

His evil laugh only made a squeak

His expression very bleak

“You’re in for it now!” He cried

He hinted I was going to die

He shot me with a tiny arrow

He took off as I fell below

I woke up on the floor

Except it was much much more.

The world you face looks small

But you’re very tall!

My world is like the Grand Canyon.

All big is scary

But I have to go before things in town get too hairy.

Comments (2)

  1. thedarthmaker

    rip off of the atom,atomica,and ant-man

  2. Lauren Kohler

    If you are smaller than a cell you would make the world explode because that defies quantum mechanics. Just saying! But hey that’s just a theory!


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