I Guess I am A Hero

I guess I am a hero

That’s what they all tell me

I didn’t ask for this

I’m terrified of responsibility

Honestly, this was a mistake

I didn’t even mean to be your savior

In fact, I’ve never really been a good person

I’m infamous for my constant misbehavior


Apparently, if you save someone once

All of your past troubles are forgotten

This is all a misunderstanding

If you knew me, you’d think I was truly rotten


I don’t want to be your lionheart

You’re missing the point

A hero isn’t a hero if they don’t want to be

I’ll only disappoint


I can’t handle the pressure

I’ll only crack in the end

I’ll never be what you want

I’ll never be your godsend


I simply must restate the fact

I’m not a good soul

I can’t be your superhero

I lack the ability to be your damage control


If you call me your messiah one more time

I can’t control what I’ll do

I must resign

I won’t be able to follow through


Comments (3)

  1. Debra Rook

    Love this! This is a great depiction of the antihero.

    1. Debra Rook

      Sorry. I meant the reluctant hero.

  2. Hannah Credle

    I think it is the joker


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