Interview of NEAAAT’s SGA President, Grace Bassett

NEAAAT SGA President

Question 1: How does it feel being the SGA President of NEAAAT?

Grace answered this question with an amazing and enlightened attitude, which made me feel better about my first interview. She began with how she didn’t really feel like she would win, and when she was told on that day in class, she began jumping up and down. “I was elated,” Grace told me, “…The other campaigns were very good, and I was very surprised to have won.” Grace got a lot of love from her coaches and student body, and she is very grateful.


Question 2: What influenced you to run for NEAAAT SGA President?

When I asked this question looking for a good answer, I was not disappointed. Actually the opposite, knowing that our President really wants to make NEAAAT a better place. Her motivation to become our SGA President came from last year’s SGA. The SGA was still getting used to a new school, and how they would make things work. After watching them struggle through tough problems, and not getting enough recognition for what they did succeed in, she wanted to take the matter into her own hands, and make the NEAAAT SGA stronger, help NEAAAT thrive, and be the best possible school we can be.


Question 3: How do we know we can trust your opinion, and make NEAAAT a better place?

Grace get’s her motivation from being apart of the SGA Team, and again, needs a strong student government. She is the founder and senior editor of the NEAAAT Times, our school E-Newspaper. As a part of this organization, I can personally say that she makes sure everybody stays on task. She is a very good leader, and when there is a problem she fixes it. She makes sure this club isn’t always serious, and always lets us add our own twist to our work. She cares about how we can handle things and makes sure our club is governed by everybody in it. Our voices definitely matter. She has plenty of experience and wants to make sure that the NEAAAT Student body and Staff have a say in what we make our school like.


Question 4: What subject is your favorite, or the subject you work best at?

Our president answered with Math. She tutors math and takes advanced college pre-calculus. She looks up to Ms. Alcott and Mr. Harris and wants to be like them. I also asked how she may be able to help and work with these subjects, to help the curriculum. Since NEAAAT is based from 6 different counties, the curriculum is different for each, so the Coaches have to make our assignments using trial and error. They get feedback from the student body on how well the assignment work, and if it succeeds, then they are likely to try something like that again.


Question 5: Can you give a few more examples of what you would do to help NEAAAT thrive this year?

She really wants the students to have more of a say within the student body. To attempt something so the student body’s voice can be heard, she wants to send a form out for many things, and vote for what they want NEAAAT to become. Grace wants to try things like dances. Although we don’t have a permanent location, she really wants to make a snack store for everybody. ”If you’re hungry at school, and have a dollar in your backpack, you can just buy something at the snack store!” she quotes. PTSO ran the snack store last year and she says that the snack store would make a great source of income for the new SGA.


Question 6: Are you involved in anything outside of school or academic work?

She is, again, the senior editor and founder of the NEAAAT Times, or also known as TNT. She does quiz bowl and she plans on doing other NCASA (North Carolina Association of School Administrators) activities and possibly wants to play volleyball, since she used to play it at her old school, ECMS.


Question 7: Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take the lead? How well did you handle it?

“Leadership is a part of my personality, I usually end up taking charge,” Grace stated. She makes sure that everything gets done is very good at taking the lead. The NEAAAT Times is running successfully, with her being the founder and with help from Mrs. Rook. She handles the club very well and makes sure we always have fun, but get our work done as well.


My interview with Grace Bassett went very well, and she was clear with everything and her intentions. I, personally, am very happy she got the spot. I look up to her and so do many others on The NEAAAT Times staff. She will be a great SGA President for our school, and I know she will get things done.

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