Is 100 Too Much?

The hunt for 100 consecutive wins by the University of Connecticut (UConn) women’s basketball team is getting closer to the finish line. The UCONN team has reached a point where they seem “unstoppable,” as they have won 99 season games in a row. The Huskies will be going for their 100th tonight (February 13, 2017). This elusive dynasty hasn’t lost a game since November 17, 2014; they lost in an overtime thriller to the number 6 ranked Stanford.

This season, the Huskies have won every game that they have played in by double digits. Their coach, Geno Aurieamma, said, “One-hundred games isn’t our goal, our goal is to continue to win.” Aurieamma, 62, has coached UConn since it’s 1986 season, when the school’s’ legacy began. The Huskies have the advantage of Aurieamma’s coaching experience, and he livens the comradery amongst the players by enforcing his team to refer to fellow players as ‘sisters.’

After the Huskies 99th win over SMU, Aurieamma said, “Our game is all layups, free throws, and open threes.” That is why many fans of college basketball believe that those layups and open threes won’t be enough to get the 100th win, as they feel that the UConn players are “too caught up in the wins and not focusing on the next day.” The game for the historic goal of 100 straight wins will be against South Carolina tonight at 9:00 pm.

Do 100 straight wins seem unfair, does it seem like it is too good to believe, is it just too much? Well if you said yes to any of that, many would agree. Monday the 13th was a game for the ages, but to read more on that topic go to:

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