Is Rose Quartz Not What We Think? (Steven Universe)

Everyone says Rose saw the beauty in everything, that she was kind to all, and did what was right for Earth. I, however, think that this is just one side of Rose. The only side that they saw. I actually think Rose was not so great of a person, or gem, for that matter. Don’t believe me? Just think about it. What part of Rose did everyone else see? The part where she created Steven? Or where she grew moss? Even the part where she cared for the members of her team. We saw how she protected Earth, and how she let Garnet be a fusion– I believe that this is only one part of Rose. You may not have noticed some things that don’t exactly make her the gem that everyone portrays her to be.

For example, when she shattered Pink Diamond, the Diamond that was in charge of the Earth colony, Rose automatically became the ‘Earth Gem’ so in short, she became the leader of Earth, but when she created Steven, she left the sort of ‘throne’ to him leaving the overbearing weight of having to rule the Earth and most likely having to lead the next gem war, resting on his shoulders. Not to mention, think about who she left Steven with, a Pearl that can’t take care of a child, an Amethyst who is reckless and irresponsible putting Steven at risk on nearly every mission, a very irresponsible dad, who can barely take care of himself, and a Garnet, who was once in a scenario where Steven was in danger, and she was in a state in which she was unable to protect him.

We also then have to consider the actions and words of other characters like Bismuth, one of the original Crystal Gems. At the end of the episode “Bismuth” when Steven poofed her instead of shattering her and promised to tell the rest of the gems the whole story she remarked, “Then you really are better than her.” Does this mean she saw the bad side of Rose, and, knowing that Bismuth would say something, Rose bubbled her away? She wanted to use the Breaking Point a device used to shatter gems to fight the Homeworld Gems and to help fight during the war. Rose, of course, didn’t agree, but we never saw how she expressed her disagreement. For all we know, it could have been in a very violent manner. Rose, however, did disagree with it because she didn’t believe shattering a gem was right, even if their intentions weren’t the best for Earth. At least, this is the reason that most assume to be correct. Rose never wanted `to shatter gems, because it rids them of their life, and she doesn’t think that’s right, then why did she shatter Pink Diamond? Things like this make me wonder what Rose’s intentions are, and if she’s doing it for the Earth, or herself. Mentioning Bismuth again, she bubbled her away and didn’t even tell the Crystal Gems, who were practically family to Bismuth. Doesn’t this seem a little bit, off? It’s certainly not the Rose we all know, or at least, have heard about.

The last thing that I would like to discuss about Rose is her son, the main character in the show, Steven Universe. Most believe that Steven was created by Rose because she wanted him to have a chance to grow and change, like a normal human being, but was that the real reason? Steven doesn’t seem to be growing, or changing that much for that matter, so did Rose know that he wouldn’t grow and change like a normal human? Steven seems to be way more powerful than Rose ever was, he seems to be resistant to at least some gem technology, we see an example of this in the episode “Jail Break” when Steven can move through the barrier that the others can’t pass through. Maybe Rose created Steven as a weapon, knowing that he would be a good addition to the team, being more powerful than she ever could be, that would explain why she’s had so many other men in her life other than Greg, Steven’s father, because she wanted to find the perfect suitor, someone who would give her a half-human half-gem, that was more powerful than she was. All these signs point to something not right about Rose, and if she turns out to be confirmed as a villain, I won’t be that surprised. If she did, it would certainly be a dark twist in the show, and it would make it have a lot more depth to it than “just a kid show”.


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