Jose Fernandez Tribute

Jose Fernandez, a former Miami Marlins Pitcher in the MLB was killed in a boating accident off the coast of Miami Beach. Jose Fernandez was a Cuban baseball player, who had to leave Cuba at the age of 15 to achieve his dream. At the age of 24, he died in a boating accident off the coast of Miami Beach.

A little after 3:15 on Sunday, September 25, 2016, coast guard officials found his 30-foot boat flipped upside down on the north end of a rocky near the entrance of the Miami Harbor. Along with Fernandez, two bodies were discovered, one on the rocks and the other two were in the water. In regards to the names of the two men, the names are being held until relatives are notified.

Fernandez was a big part of the Miami Marlins team, he was beloved by his whole team, the fans, and most MLB fans. He had outstanding stats which show when you see his 2.86 ERA, 182.1 innings pitched, and 13 home runs throughout the 2016 season.

But I feel that Fernandez deserves a real tribute because he was a legendary pitcher in the making. On the pitcher’s mound on the Marlins field, a memorial was put together. I personally liked Fernandez, even though I don’t watch baseball much, but he had to be one of the best all-around baseball players of this era.


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