NaNoWriMo Teaser: Farrago

Danny Stewart had no idea that trying the new fad energy beverage would have such negative consequences. First, herself and everyone around her are completely dependent on the drink and obsessed with everything about it. Second, it has ruined the economic status of the once booming New York City. Third, it is has inspired a fierce hatred of the drug that she must succumb to if she wants to help her family and fight the Farrago Corporation from the inside.

Andrew Coleman, Danny’s best friend, was dealt a decent hand in life until someone spilled Farrago all over his cards. He used to be close with his rich family, but now Andrew has a front row seat to watching how the drink ruins the lives of everyone he knows. All Andrew wants to do is help, but things just keep getting worse and worse.

Emila Winslow has always been driven and ambitious. As the rightful CEO of the Farrago Corporation she realizes that she has made some mistakes, and will do whatever it takes to make things right again. Luckily, Emilia has a plan how to make things right again and it has to do with her two childhood friends: Andrew and Danny.

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