NaNoWriMo Teaser: Gone

Keira, Sara, and Mason all wake up to a devastating site. They wake up to find their parents dead. Fifty-thousand humans are left on Earth including Keira, Sara, and Mason after an extinction of life on Earth thanks to an injection given to these 50,000 humans when born. These humans are also special. They are all given one power one of which to bring back the dead with a terrifying cost. Will they ever learn how to love life again? If so, will life on Earth be repopulated?

“My mother’s body looks cold and stiff. I tap my finger on my mom’s shoulder. The shoulder against my warm hand feels ice cold. I whisper in her ear, “Mom, wake up.” She doesn’t wake up. I talk louder, “Mom, come on wake up. You’re gonna be late for work.” My breathing starts increasing until I am huffing and puffing. I start shoving her. I check to see if her heart is beating. I feel nothing. I start panicking. My eyes start to tear. “

It will be in the next issue. Please read it when it comes out and enjoy!

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