NaNoWriMo Teaser: Mars Girl


She could feel the rumbling of the space ship start.


The boys with her were crying.


All she could feel was fear.


She left her friends.


And her family.


She wouldn’t be able to come back.


She knew that.


She was shaking, or maybe it was the rocket.


The voice over the radio was getting faint.


She had to be ready. Novani Purila put her hand on the button, taking deep, shaky breaths. The tears in her eyes were practically blinding her, but that didn’t stop the trained 5-year-old astronaut. She cared for the two boys in the rocket with her, who were actually children of the friends of her parents’. Romeo and Antonio Bruno, Italian twins. Each was 4-years-old.

“Lift Off!”

Then they were off, into the abyss of nothingness, on their way to the rusted planet Mars.

Oh my, you must be sort of confused on how such young children are flying rocket ships to a very dangerous planet. Well, let me help you out. At the time that Novani, Romeo, and Antonio were being hurtled into space, it is the year 3045. Well… at least when they were sent to 1789, around the time of the ending renaissance. Oh yeah, time travel is a thing too. Technology became so advanced, that you can communicate through time periods.

This launch took place at a base in a deserted area, even a set of islands you might say. A better name for these islands is “Hawaii”, but in 2367, they became an independent country, deciding to change their name to “Ikaika”. Ikaika means “strong” in Hawaiian, so what better name?

Oh look, I’m getting off track.

The base was very hidden in Ikaika but was blasted to bits from the lift off. The ship was very nice, but it would only take a few months to get to Mars. Six to be exact.

Novani’s breathing became softer. More humane. “No errors”-another relieved pant-“Everybody is safe, and we are on our way to Mars..” The five-year-old stated. She heard cheering in the back, as everybody now knew the mission went as planned. For now.

Little did our Novani know that she would be introduced to real world suffering. Real pain, real death, and real love.

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