NaNoWriMo Teaser: The (Not So) Golden Days

Audrey Wallen was the daughter any parent would kill for. She was beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated. All of her teachers loved her. She was the president of the student government, head cheerleader, and her grades were perfect. She was popular and had a boyfriend that most girls would only dream of having. No matter how perfect her life seemed, she still was not satisfied.

Quinn Rose’s life was in shambles. Her parents had recently been divorced and she’s been forced into living with her father (who doesn’t understand her at all). Her best friend has turned into her worst enemy. She had been single for what felt like ages and the bullying at school never seemed to end. The only thing she had left was her band, Sudden Response, which lost its lead singer. When these two girls with opposite lives meet how will it affect the other’s situation? Will Quinn’s band be able to survive losing its lead singer? Will Audrey ever be satisfied? Find out in The (Not So) Golden Days by Destiny Cook.

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  1. Bailey Boswood

    Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Jennifer Cook

    I may be a little biased, but I also cannot wait to read your novel! Sounds interesting and exciting!

  3. Sierra M

    This is what I thought of when I read the title…..
    And, this is really cool!


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