NCAA Football Playoffs Predictions

Alabama, Clemson, Washington, and Ohio State: these four teams are the top 4 on the NCAA football rankings going into week 14. Like many years, Alabama Roll Tide is the favorite to win the NCAA football championship. Meanwhile, from what I have watched this season, and read many articles, I have alternate predictions. Before those predictions are stated, the facts must be stated.

Alabama is the only perfect record team with a 12-0 record. Clemson, who is right behind the Roll Tide with an 11-1 record, but in the 3rd spot. Washington, who is 4th, behind a great season, their record is a blistering 11-1 as well. The Ohio State University Buckeyes are in the 2nd sport with an outstanding record of 11-1 as well.  

All four of the teams have had some struggles with injuries or even just winning games. In an honest opinion, Ohio State has been the best team this season, in my opinion. Washington, on the other hand, had a major breakout season behind their star-studded quarterback, Jake Browning. Clemson, once again led by the fearlessness of Deshaun Watson.

This time next month, the playoffs will be concluding with the winner of the Chick-fil-a bowl facing the winner of the Fiesta Bowl for the championship. This week, it’s prediction week. My prediction as far as who will win the Heisman may shock a few readers, but I feel like J.T Barrett deserves it and I feel like he will be the one receiving it.

The two teams in the Chick-fil-a bowl will be Alabama and Washington. That means that Clemson will be pitted against Ohio State. I strongly believe that Alabama will beat out Washington by a storm. Then the second bowl game, it will be a tough fought game, but in the end, I believe that J.T Barrett will lead the Buckeyes to the championship.
If these two teams do go to the championship, then I believe that at halftime Alabama will be leading. After that halftime break, I have a huge feeling that J.T Barrett and the rest of the Buckeye team will come onto the field even more fired up and they will show the world that they are deserving of the championship; and they will get that championship.

I wish all teams the best chance of winning the championship on this final push of the season.

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