NCASA Art Showcase

The The North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities (NCASA) has released a theme for the art competition of 2016: Beautiful Day by U2. What is NCASA you may ask?

A contest in which students from all over the state may submit their artistic take on the theme of the year. This year, all entries are based on the artist’s interpretation of the given song, and each are put into different categories based on their medium, such as Drawing (pencil work on paper), Photography (photos taken with any type of camera, may it be digital, film, etc.), Painting (expressed through the medium of any type of paint, such as acrylic, oil, etc.), Sculpture (A sort of 3D art made of anything that can be carved, shaped, or crafted), Mixed Media (from two or more listed categories) and other categories art can fall into. The due date for NEAAAT students to submit was November 7th, 2016. Some of our own students have submitted their amazing work into the competition. Wish them luck!

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