New World – Part 3

The scream woke up many. Dylan one of them. He reached the scream before Maya,  and she wasn’t sure how. Dylan met her a few yards ahead, grabbing her shoulders.

“Maya, no. You don’t want to see this.” Dylan said, a tone of sadness in his voice.

“Layla!!!” Maya screamed in fear. Her husband’s expression changed.

“She is still asleep in the tent. Both Highland and Mercury a-” Dylan’s word were interrupted by another scream, this one Maya recognized.

“Abuela!” Maya screamed, tearing away from Dylan. “Abuela!!!”

The elderly lady was on her knees, bent over the body. The small, helpless body. A gasp escaped Maya’s mouth, followed by a cry.

“Sampson..” She whispered.

Maya knelt beside Abuela, putting an arm around her. Abuela murmured something in spanish.

****Months later*****

“How much longer, Mama?” Layla giggled as she removed her hand from Maya’s large stomach.

“I don’t know, sweetie.” Maya responded, curious herself.

Maya had so many questions about the baby or even babies she is carrying. Many of the women in camp suggested it was twins or possibly triplets. Dylan and Maya had already discussed the name or names. They even let Layla pick a name.

“Off! Off to bed!” Dylan clambered into the tent. “And for Mommy, off to Abuela’s tents.”

“Why is Mommy having sleepovers all the time?” Layla whined.

“Yeah! Why does Mommy have to have sleepovers all the time?” Maya whined, laughing.

“Babies don’t go on Mommy and Daddy’s clocks. They go by baby time. If the baby decides it’s time to say hello, Abuela can help.”

Layla moaned and whined some more, finally falling asleep.  Maya waddled off to Abuela’s tent. Abuela hadn’t handled Sampson’s death well, but she was healing. After chatting with Abuela for a bit, Maya went to bed.

Maya jolted up in pain. This was it. She knew it, deep within her. Abuela knew too, she had already gotten Dylan. She knew how much Mercury meant to her, she brought her too.

After hours of screaming and pain, they were here. Three healthy babies, one boy and two girls. Dylan carried in a groggy Layla.

“Meet your brothers and sisters.” He smiled solidly.

Pointing out each individual baby Maya named them,

“This one is Wisteria Whitney,  Gwen Elliot and Sampson Grey.” Maya pointed them out.

“Gwen will be mine baby!” Layla said proud of the name she picked.

Mercury classified the babies as theirs by licking each baby’s foot.

“Abuela? Would you like to hold Sampson?” Maya asked, smiling   

Abuela’s eyes welled up in tears as she snuggled the baby in her arm.

“Mama? Why is his name Sampson?” Layla questioned very eager.

“He is named after a very strong boy. One who isn’t here. “ Maya explained.

Wisteria began to fuss, so Dylan picked her up. After five minutes of fussing, Layla insisted on holding the baby. Dylan handed the baby to her, guiding her hands and arms. For a four year old child, she was  sweet. She made eye contact with the infant and began singing.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray..” Layla sang, making her parents’ hearts melt.

“They have something special. Those two right there.” Abuela said sweetly to the young couple.

“Can I call her Wisty??” Layla looked up at her parents with her giant brown eyes

“Wisty is just fine.” Maya remarked.

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