Newsela Recommended Reading

Want to improve your reading comprehension skills? Join the “Recommended Reading” class on Newsela! The code is QZAD59.

According to Mrs. Rook, “The goal of the suggested reading group in Newsela is to share interesting topics in nonfiction reading. It’s a way to bring the school community together around subjects and issues we can engage in together.” The class is suggested for all NEAAAT students and staff. The final goal is to have all students and coaches will be participating in this class. Another option for those enrolled in the class is that they will be able to request for certain articles to be put into the set list in the course. There will be a broad spectrum of topics in the collection. Mrs. Rook says, “The articles cover a variety of topics from space to animals to sports.” NEAAAT hopes to see you and your requests in this new class!

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