NFL Week 7 Injuries

This NFL Season started 7 weeks ago. During these 7 weeks, many injuries have occurred to point out I have missed the injuries of the past 6 weeks, I will do them for this week and so forth.  

Let’s start with LeSean McCoy running back (RB) for the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, McCoy tried playing after injuring his hamstring, as a result, his team thought it was best for him to be benched for the rest of that game.

Geno Smith, quarterback (QB) for the New York Jets, had an awful game against the Baltimore Ravens while being sacked and landing on his knee in an awkward position being benched the rest of the game. It was confirmed Geno Smith tore his ACL.

Josh Norman, cornerback (CB)for the Carolina Panthers, limped off the field after he hit his head on the ground while guarding an opposing receiver, he went through concussion testing and sat the rest of the game out.

Tevin Coleman, running back (RB) for the Atlanta Falcons, limped towards the locker room in the second half, he pulled his hamstring and did not return for the rest of that game.

Cody Kessler, quarterback (QB) for the Cleveland Browns, was taken to the locker room to have concussion testing done, he was benched for the rest of the game.

Darius Slay, cornerback (CB) for the Detroit Lions, had to be helped off the field after he began grabbing his right hamstring. He sat off to the side for the rest of the game.

Antonio Brown, wide receiver (WR) for the Pittsburgh Steelers, left during the third quarter after lying on the ground holding his sides in pain. He will have time to recover during the bye week.

Arik Armstead, defensive tackle (DT) for the San Francisco 49ers, played after he injured his shoulder during the season. He was in pain and did not return to the game after the second half.

Terrance West,  running back (RB) for the Baltimore Ravens, was limping off the field during the first play. After West had his ankle taped up, he returned to the game.


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  1. Daniel Li

    Josh Norman plays for the Washington redskins, not the Carolina Panthers.


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