Origin of Cerberus

You descended and boated through the river Styx where your judgment for the rest of your life awaits in the underworld. You dreadfully, sluggishly, and slowly walk with the crowd to decide to go the Fields of Asphodel, Elysium, or if you have truly done bad to the world, the Fields of Punishments. You hope for Elysium, or even the Fields of Asphodel when you see him. He towers over you, growling and snarling from three heads! You look up to the three heads, and you’re terrified, one wrong step and you have no chance. You recognize him, Cerberus. The guard of the Greek Underworld. How did he originate you ask? You didn’t ask? Well, here is the origin of this beast of a dog!

You know, Hades’s was one of those cliche pet owners. He had to name his dog Spot. That’s right, Spot. Latin for Cerberus is spotted, nice job Hades you had to be a cliche. In Greek Mythology, when the gods beat the Titans they decided to split the Underworld, the Ocean, and the Heavens. Zeus lead and got the Heavens which he must have bragged about for a hundred years, must have gotten annoying (no wonder the others tried to take him from his throne). And then Poseidon called dibs on the Ocean which was pretty cool since he got away from his bragging brother. And poor Hades got the short end of the stick, the Underworld. He did get pretty cool servants, come one, the hell hounds and furies were pretty cool. Lastly, he got his giant cliche name dog Cerberus. Now, everyone is jealous of Hades’s super cool dog forever.

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