Origin of Unicorns

When you think of supernatural stuff you think of things like ghosts, werewolves, goblins, and zombies right? The normal run-of-the-mill, “scary” creatures that are featured in many creepy tales. Well, let’s expand our normal perimeters of supernatural and add unicorns to the list! That’s right, unicorns. You wouldn’t think those things would be supernatural, scary creatures seeing as they are often thought of as gentle, sweet friends of princesses, and plainly stated, not intimidating. Think again! Unicorns can be terrifying creatures with hooves of steel, and a sharp horn on their head.  They have unbending wills and a fierce temperament, you don’t want to cross them. You can’t even kill these creatures without being only half alive, as said in Harry Potter! Lets dive into the origin of these terrifying, supernatural beasts.

Now remember that these are truly terrifying creatures, and not to be tampered with. The Unicorn’s origin is still a bit cloudy-maybe they don’t want anyone to suspect their terrifying natures. Here is going to be the biggest shock for you about these beasts: they lived in Korea. Before you stop reading and think I am totally off my bonkers like the Mad Hatter, hear me out. The ancient King Tongmyong of Korea rode a unicorn. Archeologists have found the sign for the stables of his unicorns called the Unicorn Lair. Although, some have said that this was concerning another mythical creature called the Kirin which is a mythical hooved creature that appears at the arrival or passing of a sage ruler, looking just like a Unicorn but with the occasional two horns instead of one. There are other mentions of Unicorns, however, so don’t feel too comfortable, thinking the beasts are out of the picture.

Another time unicorns have been mentioned is in the Bible. Soldiers were compared to Unicorns, saying that with the strength of a Unicorn, they shall eat up the nations of their enemies, break their bones, and pierce them through. Still not convinced that these creatures are a force to be reckoned with? That is a pretty serious description of Unicorns.  You could say that you are now petrified of Unicorns, right? Well, lucky for you there is one last origin. Hunters in medieval times didn’t know all of the animals. Some antelopes were born with a birth defect causing them to have one horn, and humans decided that this was a terrifying mythical beast that could pierce them with their horns.

Now, walking away with your newfound fear of Unicorns, you shall never look at these “dainty” creature the same way. I am sure that you have a great fear of Unicorns all thanks to this article, adding them to your supernatural list. You needed the Unicorn facts to be right, not walking around thinking “Oh wow, what an unintimidating, frail creature!” Wouldn’t want that to happen. So, go forth and conquer your new fear of Unicorns!

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