Pokemon Adventures 2: A Haunting in the Old Chateau


As Inya and Charmander walked in Eterna Forest, they came across an old house as it started to rain. 

“Quick! In here!” Charmander and Inya ran towards the chateau. They walked onto an old rotting porch covered in vines. The porch light was an old gas lantern that hung on a hook. It burned slowly as they walked up towards the old oak doors. The windows were stained glass, all of them red and gray. The roof was covered in vines as well, and above the porch was an old porch that overlooked the forest below. Charmander walked up towards the doors and knocked. The door opened. 

“Hello? Anybody here?” yelled Charmander and Inya. They walked into the foyer. There was a chandelier in the middle of the room, fallen, broken, but with a rope on one of the arms of the chandelier that seemed… eerie… almost haunting. 

“Guess no one has been here for a long time,” said Inya. 

“Inya… I think I know why the rope is there…” said Charmander. They walked towards a skeleton with the rope tied around its arm. 

“You mean… they… they… THEY DIED!” screamed Inya. The door slammed shut. They ran towards the door and tried opening it. 

“Charmander, use your flamethrower!” Charmander breathed flames at the door, but the door didn’t even get a little bit burned. 

“We are dealing with a ghost Pokemon! Yeah, a ghost Pokemon playing tricks!” said Inya. Then, a sudden chill entered the room. Inya and Charmander turned with a twisted face of terror and anxiety. They saw the most horrifying thing they have seen and ever will see. A woman with a rope… except… her mouth was sewn shut… and she had no eyes. She started moaning and scratching at her sewn mouth. She then ripped the stitches and screamed.
“RUN!” screamed Inya. Charmander and Inya ran, their tails between their legs. They ran up the broken stairway and into a bedroom. 

“I…I think we lost it…” 

Team Rocket walked through Eterna Woods, tired from chasing Ash and his friends. 

“We need a break…” said Jessie. Then it started raining again. 

“OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!” yelled Meowth. 

“Look! A old house! We could make it our base!” they ran up towards the doors. 

“Knock first, then steal.” said Jessie. 

Large bangs came from the door in the foyer.

“IT’S THE GHOST!” Charmander said as he hid under the covers with Inya.

“Umm, Char, your flame is setting the sheets on fire.” said Inya.

“Stop touching my tail!” said Charmander, filled with embarrasment.

“Umm, I’m not touching your tail…” They turned to see a Gastly staring straight at them.

“AGH!” screamed Inya and Charmander.

“SHHHH! Be quiet or she might hear you!” said the Gastly.

“You mean the ghost in the foyer?” said Inya.

“Yes, she was a girl I used to be friends with, one day she wanted to talk to me by a ouija board… I wasn’t the one she talked to, she talked to demons, they possessed her, I tried to save her but her soul was long destroyed by the demons, so Gengar and the butler of the mansion stitched her mouth shut so the demons would be trapped in that body forever.” said Gastly.

“How many demons?” said Charmander.


Team Rocket entered the foyer. 

“This place gives me the creeps…” said James. 

“I’m cold…” said a voice. “I’m lonely… so very lonely… won’t you join me?” Team Rocket then saw hands break out from the ground. Then… a corpse came up and said, “Let’s play forever” 

Team Rocket tried the doors. 

“It’s LOCKED!” said Jessie.  The corpse looked like a man… its eyes sunken and rotten. His left hand was real bone.

“Charmander, use FLAMETHROWER!” said Inya. The corpse was burned and sunk back into the ground.

“You… saved us?” said Team Rocket.

“Yeah, because no one deserves to die that way, not even you guys,” said Inya.

“C’mon, let’s find an exit before the ghost comes back,” said Gastly.

“WHO’S THAT?” yelled Jessie.

“Gastly, a friend.” said Inya.

“C’mon, we need to find a crucifix,” said Gastly.

“Why?” said Inya.

“So you can banish the demon, you have supernatural energy around you, so you can use it to banish the demons,” said Gastly.

“Why can’t you?” said Inya.

“Because I don’t have arms!” said Gastly.

They walked down the hall and into a living room.

“LOOK! A CRUCIFIX!” yelled Charmander. Inya grabbed the crucifix.

“Now all we need is a Bible,” said Gastly.

“Found one!” said Inya. They ran down the stairs to see the ghost.

“OK ghost, I am going to banish you!” said Inya as he flipped through the Bible. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even to dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart! I banish thee to back to whence you came! In the name of God, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit! So I say to thee, you 13 demons, to go to your master and NEVER RETURN!”

The ghost glowed and screamed, the screaming being so loud it broke the red and black windows. The ghost then turned into a small girl wearing a white dress and had beautiful blue eyes and an innocent smile. “Thank you.” the ghost then floated into the floor.

“Now, Charmander, use Flamethrower on Team Rocket!” said Inya.

So Charmander blasted at Team Rocket.

“WE’RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!” said Team Rocket as they burst through the roof. So our heroes said goodbye to the Old Chateau and their new friend as they headed towards Pewter City, as the journey continues!

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