Pokemon Adventures!

Inya woke up to the sound of someone running towards him. “Hey! Are you ok?” said the person.

“Yeah… I think so,” said Inya. He looked up to see a Charmander, an orange lizard who had a flame on his tail, looking at him.

“You have a cute Charmander!” said Inya.

“What are you talking about?” said the Charmander.

“AHHH! TALKING POKEMON!” Inya screamed.

“Dude… you’re talking.” said the Charmander.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Inya asked. Charmander gave him a mirror. Inya looked at his reflection to see an Eevee, a small brown foxlike Pokemon, staring back at him. “AHHH! I’M An EEVEE!” screamed Inya.

“Have you hit your head or something? Of course, you’re an Eevee,” said Charmander. “But… I’m human…”

“What!? HAHAHAHAHA! A HUMAN!” Charmander started laughing maniacally. “Here, let’s go to my house!”


Inya got up and walked through a vast and beautiful forest. Butterfree and all sorts of grass and normal type Pokemon were everywhere! Then, he saw a huge cottage up ahead. “It’s nice!” said Inya.

“Thanks!” said Charmander as he jumped to open the door. Inside the cottage were two beds, a ladder to an upstairs floor, and a desk and some scarves.

“Sweet!” Said Inya as he ran towards a beanbag.


“I don’t think anyone lives here…” said a voice outside.

“AH! IT’S TEAM ROCKET! HIDE!” said Charmander. Inya ran towards a curtain and hid. Charmander ran outside and into a bush.

“Even so, we HAVE to do the motto!” said the voice. The door to the cottage burst open with a trio of sinister characters. A woman red curvy hair and a white shirt with an R in the center, a man with purple hair and a sinister smile, and a Meowth Pokemon.


“Prepare for trouble!” said the woman.

“And make it double!” said the man.

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”

“Jessie!” said the woman.

“James.” said the man.

“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!” they said together.  

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!” said James.

“MEEEOWTH! That’s Right!” shouted Meowth.  

“Hmm, without the twerp around it feels boring,” said Jessie.

“It makes me wanna start snoring…” said James.


Do they always rhyme like this? Thought Inya. He peeked around the corner and met eyes with Jessie.

“OH, MY GOODNESS! WHAT A CUTE LITTLE EEVEE!” screamed Jessie. She ran and picked Inya up. “OH SO ADORABLE! Let’s evolve it! We’re sure to get a powerful Pokemon for the boss!”

“Uh-oh…” said Inya.

“Wait… It… IT TALKED!”

“I heard it too!” said Meowth and James.

“SAY JESSIE!” screamed Jessie ecstatically.

“No!” said Inya.



“RAGH!” Charmander breathed fire at Team Rocket and then they fled the house. “That was close…” said Charmander.

“Umm, where’s the nearest town?” said Inya.

“It’s Pewter City, about 5 miles in this direction, I’ll come with you!” And so, our heroes walked towards Pewter City, and towards their next adventure.

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  1. An Avid Pokémon Player and Fan

    AAHHH!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon WAS AMAAAAAAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! (all of them are)


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