Remote Learning @ NEAAAAT

NEAAAT has been holding many “Remote Learning” days due to the hazardous conditions in the area and the current state of our building. Last week, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were NEAAAT’s introduction to Remote Learning. After the rain and flooding of the Albemarle region, school had to be physically cancelled because of the dangerous road conditions. Unfortunately, the NEAAAT building, Moore Hall, experienced some flooding in the building. The warm weather and flooding made perfect conditions for mold to grow. NEAAAT canceled school on Monday because of the unknown state of Moore Hall.

The purpose of these Remote Learning days are to be able to stay caught up in school and for us to get out of school in May as planned. Several students think that this protocol is pretty convenient and adaptable for us. It allows for us to do our schoolwork, but also do what what we need to or would like to do throughout the day at home. As a student at NEAAAT, I think that the Remote Learning process is working great for many students, including myself, at our school.

Some of the cons of the Remote Learning protocol include the conflict of not every student being able to have access to internet and other temptations and distractions at home. There are more pros to Remote Learning though, including being able to get out of school in May, access to contact teachers, despite being at home, working in PJ’s all day, self-paced assignments, and ability to do what is needed and wanted to get done at home. I hope most of you have enjoyed being at home this last couple of weeks!

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