Sam Davis vs. Bob Steinburg: A NEAAAT Debate

Last Monday, October 3, the two candidates running for District 1 of the North Carolina General Assembly, Sam Davis III (D) and Bob Steinburg (R) came to our school to debate.

Bob Steinburg arrived first, so he decided to answer some questions while we were waiting for Sam Davis III. He answered some questions such as who he supported for the 2016 presidential election (which was Donald Trump), and what his job was. When Sam Davis III arrived, the moderator (10th-grade student, Jorim Cole) started the debate. The first topic was the controversial House Bill 2. Sam Davis III started and talked about how the bill was a law that prevented LGBT citizens from suing when discriminated against and that he disagreed with it. Then when he finished, Bob Steinburg stated that what Sam Davis III said was completely false and that he would know because he’s one of the people that wrote the law. Shortly after, Sam Davis III had to leave for an appointment and Bob Steinburg continued to answer questions. Many of the questions revolved around House Bill 2, his involvement, and what it did and didn’t do, with many of the students showing that they disagreed with the bill. After another few questions, Steinburg had to go because he had run out of time.

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